Gerry Gutierrez' Update

April 12, 2013

A Short Letter And Announcement!

“My Son has rebuked me”

As we were having our usual Sunday dinner I notice my son Caleb’s body language wanting to say something to me but not knowing how to say it.

I decided to step in front of his “shotgun” and asked Him what was in his heart?

He fired both barrels! “I do not understand why you said that one year would be the limit of your grieving for Mamie but you keep on writing tributes about her again.” Upsss!!

The second barrel of his shotgun was: “I like to read your emails about the teachings of the insights that God is revealing to you” Chucks!!

I can take anything from anybody if they say it with genuine love and tactfulness.

I guess the pity party is over for me. You will notice a definite shift in the content of my letters to you. We are going to talk about Politics, Theology, Philosophy, Psychology, Challenges, Encouragements and plain Kingdom Talk and Family talk.

Since I was brave enough to step in front of Caleb’s “shotgun”, may as well step in front of your “shotgun” also.

Should you find my letters with TMI (too much information) or as junk mail, which I also hate, I understand. Please hit the reply button and write one word: “Unsubscribe”. Then I will remove your name from my contact list. It will hurt a little but I am a big boy and big boys are supposed to be brave. (Notice my Address is no longer Hotmail but Gmail.

I think this is the best time to make a transition from personal matters to a Jesus centered communication. Not that our personal testimonies are not Jesus centered, but what I will be communicating to you will be packed of fresh insight that I am writing in my own “Island of Patmos.”

I pray that my letters to you be simple, loving, helpful and direct. They are lessons that I am freshly learning from our Lord. It is my conviction that the moment we stop learning is when we stop teaching. I also know that “to teach is to learn twice” (Emerson). I wish you would not remove your name from my contact list, but if you do I will understand. We are going to have a great time together as we never had before, but to be removed, this is the opportune time.

Give me freedom as I give you freedom so we can write each other freely. Your name may have been incorporated from my Ruthie’s list and you may not even know me or want to hear from me. Please take this in the spirit in which it has been written.

We have to agree with each other in order to walk together.

From a “duck” who met the bullet again.

In humility and in Jesus.


PS. Thank you so much for your feedback encouraging me to write!