Gerry Gutierrez' Update

April 19, 2013

To Paul Kooistra, MTW Coordinator and
To The Saints In Whose Eyes I Found Grace!

Introduction to my Report on China

A Man is the victim of the work of his own hands.

Dr. Frankenstein created a monster that ended up killing him.
Mr. Emanuel Franz had a pet tiger that ended up killing him after 10 years of friendship.
Mohammed Ali had Larry Holmes as a sparring partner later Holmes almost killed him in a real match.
History teaches that great culture are not destroyed from without but from within.
The fall of Rome is traced to internal struggle and moral decay and cruelty in government.
The fall of the Inca Empire is traced to a civil rivalry, division and sexual immorality.
The destruction of Sodom and Gomorrah is traced to the moral corruption of homosexuality and lust.
In the same way, that which ends up destroying us is the work of our hand of that which we have loved more than God and his will.

Our powerful country, in its desire for comfort has become a glutton for oil that now the huff of the camel rest on the neck of America.

Lately that unquenchable thirst for gadgets has the mouth of the Dragon steadily sucking like a vacuum the savings of America threatening to turn us into beggar.

While the Russian bear maliciously and angrily roams wounded in its pride for having been left as second fiddle in the world scenario.

The eagle controls the skies sovereignly soaring above the clouds with piercing eyes looking at the ground concerned to have less and less places to land freely and safely.

Could it be that we are painting ourselves into the corner as a society? If this is true, then we have no one to blame but ourselves. We, as Dr. Frankenstein have created a monster call China.

Let us focus on China. To say the least, China is now “The most contradictory country in the world today”. China has earned that title rightly for having been the most Radical Communist Country of the Planet and in a matter of a generation has become the most Aggressive Capitalist Country of the World to date.

It should not be a matter of great concern to us of what goes on in China, after all we believe in free enterprise and free trade and democracy. The only problem is that our world has not only become a global village but seems to be shrinking in the light of the population explosion.

The inhabitants of our globe are growing in a fast rate as if it has taken the elevator; but our capacity to feed is as slow as if it has taking the stairs.

The well use figure of speech of “Our boat being small and the ocean so great” is still a sobering reality.

Consistent with this description, our flat belly and disgustingly healthy oriental friends though smaller as individuals are greater in number than many countries put together.

Their collective size alone makes them a danger because they are like a “Big fat mama with huge hips and big legs” that when she moves in our small boat, makes every one's knuckles turn white as they grab and fight for balance.

Though their numbers and ever-growing population should be their problem, it happens that we are in “fellowship” with them in the same small boat. “We are fellows in the same ship).

Even though we should be concerned for the well being of our neighbors; in actuality, it is our well being which is at stake.

What should an old man about to exit this world care about future problems?

You don’t have to be a statesmen or sociologists or anthropologist to think globally and act responsibly on your micro cosmos.

If one is a father few children and a grandfather of many and have a great number of friends and fellow believers, you can't help but to care for this world of ours where God has placed us as His overseers and stewards.

In my report on China, I will apply the deductive principle to state my recommendations. “This is what I have observed, this is what I know and this is what I have concluded.” “The good old horse common sense.” To this I will add a lifetime of observing China before Mao Tse Tung and after Mao and the China of the last 25 years.

I will also apply the principle of “Know a Chinese and know China”. I have developed and kept a close friendship with an honorable one Hundred percent Chinese family and their children and grandchildren and friends for more than thirty years.

We have become like adopted brothers who walk in a covenantal relationship and spend great deal of time together brainstorming on the future of China and the world.

We both care heavily for the kingdom of God and His righteousness. We car pulled and ate many meals together as we worked in our under graduate studies in Missouri. (True to the Chinese proverb that says: You do not know a man until you have eaten a sack of salt together. That is in eating many meals. And the sack of salt lasts longer in China, because they use salt sparingly I have visited him in China in my way to Russia twenty-five years ago before Glasnost and Perestroika. He has visited me in Washington DC while I was assigned to work with the diplomatic community there.

Recently I visited him in Austin Texas when he came to visit his children. Lately I was with him in China and traveled by train some one hundred times and by bus some fifty times, boats and taxis and walked all over China, Honk Kong, Macau to observe the brutal change of the last twenty-five years since I was last in China.

Before I sent you my final report on China I will include the following email from him shortly after I return from China.

Dear Brother,

Good to know that you are finally back home in good shape and making chicken soup for your family. God bless you as you please Him by searching His will for not only China, but also the whole world. Take care, eat slowly, walk slowly and work slowly.

Wai Kan

Dear Paul Koostra,

Bruce and I will be in Japan from the 10th to the 22th of May and we will cover Tokyo, Shiva, Osaka, Nagoya, and Hiroshima. (I am expecting a heavy schedule of internal travel as well as speaking and investigation).

The traffic from Tokyo to New Deli is very difficult that takes me through Beijing or Shanghai and also overnight stay at the airport. Its more cost effective to comeback to the US and rest a little and go to India directly and travel North India where there is a Maoist Communist Movement developing.

There is a leader of that group of Maoists who has befriended a Covenant Seminary graduate from India.

It is very important that I meet this Maoist leader who like me is open to talk to the followers of Jesús. But my interest in him is to understand what is the reason to still follow Maoism, which has become an Anti-historical Movement and has been discredited for its “Des-encounter with History”.

To understand this movement will shed some light for me of the “Why china still wants to keep Communism as the Ideology of the new China which at this time does not make sense”.

For our purposes its also very important this vacuum of Ideology in China. It is a door of opportunity to take advantage by offering a new rug in the Gospel of our Lord Jesús now that Capitalism has pull the rug of their Ideology from under their feet. Unusually China is very open as never before to the Gospel.

After I return from India I will be better informed to write my recommendation on China and Communism and how we can use “The Munich Manifesto of the Followers of Jesús 2012” based on “The Gospel according to God the Father” which I was able to launch from Germany after a short visit to Karl Marx tomb in London.

It seem clear that all my life will be tied to communism; either by propagating it and now opposing it. Monumental task, noble challenge certain impossibility only if Jesús is out of the Equation. In my free time I hope to hit the Radio ministry to the Andes Mountains, write books, keep my Internet ministry, pastor a struggling congregation, mentor leaders in High places and push the Munich Manifesto and use the F=Pw2 as the formula to harness the invisible world as Albert Einstein harness the seen world with his equation E=Mc2.

F= Faith (Taken God at his Word)
P= Prayer (Agreeing with God)
W= Will and Word of God. The prevailing will of God as revealed from the Word of God. (The ever-immutable constant will and Word of God equivalent to the constant speed of light for the seen world)
F=Pw2 The merit of this formula is not on its creation but on its discovery. Its like the E=Mc2 of Einstein, he did not created it, but discovery it. Discovery is like the discovery of America in 1492. Columbus did not created America, he only discovery it. Discovery is by revelation of that which was previously unknown or hidden or doubted or not believed.

It took the death of my wife to discover the meaning of prayer, the meaning of faith and to die to self and live to do the prevailing will of God as stated on the Word of God. (Heaven and Earth will pass away but the Word of God endures for ever)

There is an indescribable power in the equation F=Pw2 at our disposal to conquer the World for Jesús or to accelerate his return.

My draft on The Lord’s Prayer has suffered a set back and cannot make it to the projected date for publishing. It needs “badly” editing. But it remains the heart of my thinking and has become more important than life it self. I miss my Ruthie’s feedback and grammar and spelling.

Dear Paul, with our approval after I return from India I hope to take those few days to fish and relax a little. In July I will be going to Bogota Colombia to help Nathaniel at his request and will be able to baptize his third child. My Caleb is now a father of a beautiful little boy named Josiah Luther and I will baptize him on June.

Day and night I write messages for my future ministry in the Radio. I sleep very little. I do not like to watch TV, traveling is not my cup of tea and I am not a sightseer either. The Lord provides always some one to travel wherever I go. There is a young executive from Washington DC who Loves the Lord and has the desire to dig deep into scripture, he wants to know the mind of Jesús and is accompanying me at his own cost all over India. To me he is a provision from the Lord in every way. The summer will confine me indoors and will give me a chance to write most of what is left unfinished.

This letter is in preparation for our meeting the second of May. I hope that by then you had a chance to hear the CD I left with you. Preaching is not what I do; it is what I am.

Always praying and making memory of you before God

Gerry Gutierrez

PS I include a picture of my grandson Josiah Luther Gutierrez and me.