Gerry Gutierrez' Note

January 18, 2013

Note to son Nathaniel ministering in Colombia
Junebug And Friends "God Loves To Talk To Little Boys"

Dear Nathaniel, I am sorry that you have not receive your container in Bogota yet. When I called you last night after I left the Smallman's in Chattanooga I was eager to hear a great report that you had your household goods already in your house and sleeping in your own beds. That is not the case for seven more days according the movers... hum?

This morning I woke up at 1:30 AM and got praying and thinking about you and here are my thought and words of confort.

Love as ever, Dad

Where are the answer to my prayers today?

I believe that all things are a prayer away to them that believe.

Today I was puzzled for brief moment. Today I prayed and expected answers as usual. At noon I found the only parking space was four doors away from the restaurant on a rainy day. I went to have lunch with Steve and Sandy, I yield that lot to Steve who was following me. I found another space just around the corner for me. In the evening I found the only parking lot but this time right in front of another Restaurant for Dinner with Steve and Grandchildren. 

The whole day I did not call you because I was having so much fun with the Smallman's. I was also giving you time to unload your house whole goods in your apartment. I was even able to imagine the container parked in front of your house and your team helping you move in.

That is what you wanted and that is for what you and I agree and prayed. But the news is that there will be seven more days before that happens. 

There is nothing wrong with seven more day. But we prayed specifically for you to have your container delivered on Thursday as promised by the movers. We agree together this to be the will of God and we had the guarantee of the answer to our prayers. (If two or more agree on anything according my will: You will receive it) It is proper to ask what went wrong? It is also proper to find the mind of God in the matter. What would not be proper is not to say a thing and held this in doubt about the power of our prayer or doubt our caring God who does all things well and lose confidence in the given word of God. Add to that the ever present "scratched record like" temptation of the Evil one, who has whisper in the ears of the believer  through the ages the words "If you a Son of God". (Attempting to make us doubt about our relationship with God as he unsuccessfully try with the Lord Jesus in the desert and successfully with Eve in the Garden)

Parking spaces or container may be small matters. But they are serious matters if it is used by the Evil to chip away our resolve on the Rock of our faith where the Lord has called us and established our goings. What went wrong? or Who went wrong?

My link in prayer with you is strong. My link in Prayer to God in Jesus is stronger.You link to me in prayer is strong. Your link to God in prayer is stronger.God's link to me is strongest. God's link to you is strongest. Nothing is wrong with the links. Yet the chain that pools the container seem to be broken. What made the container so heavy? The toys of the children? The pot and pans? The gagets and tools? The books and beds? Has what He provided as an aset now became a liability?

Then I remember a little song I use to love to teach you when you were young. "God loves to talk to little boys while they are fishing; that seem to be the best time that boys listen best" (By George Younce}

Now I am not puzzled any more. Besides, for the angels to wrap as a gift a container must takes seven days, while unwrapping will take less than one day (A joke).You need those seven days to focus studying for your ordination. It should be fare to say: Let us listen to God the Father of our Lord Jesus who said: "This is my Son. whom I love. With Him I am well pleased. Listen to Him" 

A Fisher of man must and should be a good listener of God the Father in Jesus. Time spent listening Jesus will never be a time waisted. All things are still a prayer away and will always be so for a child of the most high God who is our Father in Heaven.

Your Loving Papa who will only stop being your Papa when his breathing stops.

Gerry Gutierrez

PS Please treat yourself with the attached link.I highly recommend it. You may also fing my picture fishing with Dito in U-tube six years ago.

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