Gerry Gutierrez' Update

July 12, 2013

“A New Chapter of a Love Story”

Dear Gutierrez family and friends of Gerry. 

Hi, I am Julie Marie, an Amish-Irish girl from Lancaster, PA.  I am thankful for the opportunity to write to you and share a little about myself and to relay my thoughts about a most wonderful man whom I have come to know, respect, honor and adore.

This man spends himself in a most worthy call, strives valiantly in service unto the Lord, never counts cost, is dead to self and fully alive to Christ in him. He has that of a warriors heart.  Proverbs 20:5 says, “ The heart of a man is like deep water”.   And so it is.  He  follows God’s pattern on how to love.  He has reminded me we have been made by God for God; He made us to love us. 

He understands that real joy and friendship with God is walking in obedience to God.  In his desire and yearning for a deeper walk with God in conversational intimacy, he recognizes only can it be gained through the power of prayer.  Just as the Lord taught us to pray in the Lord’s prayer, he understands faith is to take God at his word and prayer is to agree with God according to the ever prevailing will and word of God understood as Jesus himself.

This amazing servant of God is Gerry Gutierrez.  A postively darling man, focused, committed, and filled with a passion and purpose for life as God intended.  I simply adore him!

I would like to express how I have come to see this man…

He is a serious man in the matters of the Lord’s work.  He also is a man who lives life with a child-like heart…always smiling with great anticipation of unexpected joys around each new turn in the road in this journey of life.  He loves, cares for and cherishes family and true friends.   And just for the record, you should know he is a Cowboy too. Do not be surprised when you see him in his hat and boots.  There are many fascinating elements wrapped up in this man but above all else, and the very essence of his being, is his Love for Jesus.

I aim to conquer this man and desire to fully embrace his “wild at heart” passion for life.  Gerry taught me to “live as though someone left the gate open”.  My life is already fuller and richer and we’ve only just begun.  I want to live life in the fullness of love, passion, beauty, adventure, joy and laughter.  I believe even the tears, especially the tears, will be shed with reward, purpose and meaning. 

I have no doubt whatsoever the Lord will clothe and equip me for the hard work and sacrifices needed for service unto Him.  Can you imagine the journey ahead for me to come alongside Gerry and live out my life with a passion equal to his.  I have asked myself what am I waiting for?  Imagine if Abraham and Moses had not moved forward after hearing God’s voice to go forth.  Or if Paul had not listened to God’s voice on the Damascus road.  I too have heard God’s voice.  If a woman eliminates all risks and does not live life in the fullness God intended, I believe she is bound up in chains and misses a very special blessing.

Lord willing, I want to make the most of life with every breath the Lord gives me.  I am filled with a child-like excitement and look forward to the challenges and rewards that surely await Gerry and me in a future together in this predestined journey of life.

All things worth fighting for are met with challenges.  I realize fierce attacks from the evil One are very real and so I know opposition is around every corner.  I also know the God who calls is there to greet us.  It is true, I am a Red-hair Irish-Amish girl from Lancaster County, and I stand ready to move full steam ahead and come alongside Gerry to live a life of service unto the Lord.

My passion is to help Gerry live out the calling God has on his life.  What a high calling for a woman to be a helper to such a man.  How I yearn to help and follow the man who follows the One who is the lover of his soul. A sinner saved by grace, I bow in humility before the Lord to accept the calling I now believe He has on my life. 

Are you somewhat curious as to how Gerry and I met?  Well come along and step into my world for a moment…

Gerry came to Lancaster for a missions conference being held at my home church.  He was the guest speaker at my home fellowship group and the keynote speaker for the weekend.  When he came to dinner with the group immediately upon introduction I saw a man with a sweet and gentle spirit. As he spoke to the group I witnessed his strong drive, dedication and commitment to the Lord who called him to service.  I was deeply moved.

We spoke briefly the next day during the conference and again, I was moved to witness his love for the Lord.   There is no doubt in my mind when Gerry preached from the pulpit Sunday morning, he was God’s chosen instrument to stir in my heart and I found myself asking, “Dear Lord, who is this man?”  Gerry left Lancaster after the conference however, his mark did not!  I realized that during the entire weekend being in his presence, I was pointed to the Lord.  I wrote to Gerry the following week and that was the beginning of our friendship.

I also would like to share with you a prayer I took to the Lord.  I still remain dumbfounded. It was right before my birthday when Gerry and I did have a few phone conversations.  Birthdays were talked about but only briefly.  A few weeks later I boldy went to the Lord and said, “Dear Lord, do you know what I would really like for my birthday?  I would like to have a cup of coffee with Gerry.  Now dear Lord I do not know how you will do this.  After all, Gerry is running around all over the world and I am here in Lancaster.  And we are practically strangers.  But you are the Lord with ALL power at your command and so I know you could do it, I wonder would you??  If you do this Lord I will be most pleased, but if not, then it is Your will and it is well with my soul. Amen”.

The morning of my birthday I was driving to Philadelphia to visit Tenth Presbyterian church.  I stopped at Starbucks to get a cup of coffee for my travel. My phone rang with Gerry at the other end and to my complete amazement he said, “Happy Birthday Julie”. I asked, “How did you know”? He said he remembered from a phone conversation we had weeks ago.  I asked what he was doing to which he replied, “I am making a cup of coffee before church but I don’t know why because I never do this”.  In that moment I shared my “secret prayer.”  And so there we were having a cup of coffee together on my birthday! I recall it being a beautiful, sunny, crisp April morning.  I felt as though Jesus opened the heavens and gave me a kiss on the cheek.  The God of the universe heard and answered my prayer.  I remain dumbfounded to this very day.

Could it be when a man comes to the mountains he comes “home?” I believe the core of a man’s heart is undomesticated, and that is good. This man known to many as Gerry from the Andes is at home wherever God takes him, yet he will be the first to say, “I love to tell the story of Jesus and his glory and I love to tell it in the mountains”.

Gerry and I discovered that we both love the life of David and Abigail.  On occasion he calls me ‘Abi’.  I smile at this because she is certainly a woman to be imitated. Her insight and wisdom has left its mark in history. David was a man with a tender heart and yet, he would take off your head  in the course of battle.  He too was a man with a ‘wild at heart’ passion and love for the Lord, and of course also made his mark in history.

Upon meeting Gerry’s children and grandchildren and many of his friends, and reading countless letters and testimonies on their website, I have come to know what a remarkable woman Ruth Gutierrez was.  She was a woman of great courage in the face of life’s most difficult and challenging trials, and known in the mission field as a “Great Lady”.  She was fearless in her pursuit to serve and love the lost and hurting even while she herself hurt while battling sickness, never once did she stop fighting for others.  I can see how it is she is known as the Great Lady!

So just what am I waiting for?  How could I possibly not want a life together with this wonderful man?  I seek to be a Proverbs 31 woman.  I believe being a ‘helper’ to such a man is God’s highest calling for a woman.  Being a ‘suitable helper’ to a man who is submissive to God I believe is one of God’s most liberating principals for a woman.  Ladies, it frees us up to live in freedom when we love, honor, respect and cherish such a man.  It is a reflection of our redemption in Christ.  We are met with wonderful opportunities to shine for Him when we love our husbands unconditionally and meet their strong needs with a tender and gentle spirit.  On that day when we meet our Savior face to face we will be able to lay our trophies at the feet of Jesus.

Gerry believes all things are just a prayer away for those of us who agree with God in prayer and take God at His word.  I agree. 

I know this man and thank God for bringing him in to my life.   I cannot possibly let him get away.  So, I am asking Gerry to marry me.  Pray for us and I will let you know his answer.

May we shine for HIM and ever be committed to serving in His kingdom!

Hallowed be His name!

Julie Marie

I am most blessed amongst women since this man known as Gerry from the Andes stepped in to my world.

Very Important. Please bear with me my friends and Pray!!!

Gerry Gutierrez