Gerry Gutierrez' Update

July 27, 2013

From a Twice-Blessed Man

Who said that lightning does not strike twice in the same spot?

I have been blessed the second time with another extraordinary woman in my life.

Since I met Julie Marie, the popular proverb could be said of her, “She is too good to be true; therefore it must not be true”. But my life is not ruled by popular proverbs but by faith in God and so I can say, “She is too good to be true; therefore it must be true”. I have been praying for a girl like her and she is exactly what I asked of God. God gives perfect gifts to His “OWN” when we ask in a child-like manner.

To test myself on the certainty of God’s fingerprint in this relationship I have tried to draw my feelings in doubt, but the harder I try the faster I run out of excuses not to marry her. Now it is I who is drowning in the pool of an overwhelming certainty that she is indeed from God, as the exact answer of my inmost prayers.

Our degree of certainty is such that consulting flesh would be an offense to God.

One characteristic of faith is understood as risk-taking; but faith is everything but taking a risk. True faith is certainty and conviction. It is the inheritance of the believer designed by God to augment our trust in His given word, so we can love Him more as a consequence of His faithful answer to prayer.

Julie and I are bragging about our Lord Jesus’ guidance in our relationship and I have very little to say about her but praises. If you have read her letters you have had a glimpse into her heart. A man’s heart has to be made out of Styrofoam not to love a girl like Julie. She is just great. She tells me when I have spinach in my teeth and reminds me to take my vitamins and medicines. She counts my calorie intake. She is very well disciplined in exercise, eating and healthy living. Whatever I eat, she too is willing to eat. It should not be hard for me to feed her…as we say in Peru, “Where one can eat, two can eat. It is only a matter of putting a little more water to the soup and move over to your side of the bed and the same roof that covers me will cover her”.

Julie has accepted my promise that if she walks with me she may sweat, weep, bleed, and perhaps lose her life and to all, she is more than happy to accept. I am just a man. I cannot make promises I cannot keep. But Jesus has promised her one hundred times whatever she surrenders for His sake on this earth and eternal life in life yet to come. I can only try to love her as I love myself.

My dear friends, if I have found grace and love in your eyes, I beg you to accept Julie and love her twice as much as you love me and I will be so grateful. We are planning to get married ASAP, adjust a little, and then hit the Radio ministry and the encouraging of the brothers in Peru and abroad. Julie is very gifted in editing and proof-reading all my writings. We think alike and even express our thoughts alike.

God prepared Julie for me. She is woman of sorrow and familiar with grief. Julie is a tender-hearted lover of Jesus. She is beautiful inside and out. Julie honors and respects the memory of Ruthie. It is not hard for me to imagine them as best of friends. I still have to find one member of my family who loves her not.

I am most honored to have the blessing of my father-in-law, Reverend Harry Marshall, along with my sister-in-law, Lois Clark, and our Pastor and friend of a lifetime the Reverend Stephen Smallman. I have also received additional blessings from my mentors and friends, Doug Coe and Paul Kooistra from Mission to the World and from the Peruvian friends and family. Thank you! Thank you for your overwhelming support!

Her name is Julie Marie from Lancaster Westminster PCA. She is lovely and delightful and I love her. She is a Help Mate at heart, a virtuous woman by vocation and a true lover of Jesus. And I who truly love Jesus intend to love and take care of this one delicate lamb of Jesus in his name and with his help.

We stand in need of your prayers as we no longer have any doubt of “this union being from God' and is therefore our testimony as witnesses of Jesus and his grace. "Unless the Lord builds the house, its builders labor in vain" Psalm 127:1

Your twice-blessed brother and friend by the will of God,

Gerry Gutierrez