Gerry Gutierrez' Update

June 11, 2013

“Should One Consult Flesh When
One Is Clear On The Will Of God?”

Dear Friends,

A beautiful girl confided in her stepfather her interest in a godly handsome young man. O how good they look together! The stepfather to whom this young girl was honoring with humility, respect, obedience and submission had only two questions:

Have you kissed? 
She, with trembling lips, answered softly, ”Yes”.

The second question was asked of her: What is the veil for?
She could not answer and bowed her head in humiliation only to hear her stepfather’s last words:
“You have been used”.

Thus a love story ended sadly and left me perplexed and astonished as a witness of a deed of a one-time seminary classmate and two young people I thought belong to each other.

I am all for purity, chastity, virginity, and law and order.  But I am also a believer of grace, mercy and compassion.

I, too, find myself in a predicament having lost my wife and unable to go on in life alone.  I am a helpless “Single” again.  Godly men keep tell me:

“It is not good for a man to be alone”
“What would Ruthie want for you today?”
“A good marriage is the closest thing to heaven”
“A bad marriage is the closest thing to hell”. 
“Be careful, go slow, take your time”
“Consult with me when you have a candidate”.

“Dad, you should marry again”
“It is not like you are kicking mommy out and replacing her with another”
“Mommy is gone and you are alone and need help”
“Do not try to make out of your future wife another mommy”.
“We all are different; there are no two snow flakes equal to one another”.

“In a fake rage?”  I backlash to my kids saying, “You bunch of traitors.  Your mother’s body is still warm you are already thinking in a new mother!”

Then I told Nathaniel in a stroke of genius, “Why don’t you put your money where your mouth is and get ordained and marry me?”  I was hoping he would back off because ordination examination is tough.  But his answer was, “That would be neat!” 

Then I thought in what just transpired and say softly to myself, “That would be neat!”

Now I find myself in the need to write and ask your blessing and say, “That would be neat”. 

In fact your words would be only an echo of the voice of the angel who have already said, “It will be neat!” 

Imagine a son performing a marriage ceremony for his father to his new wife with the unanimous approval of his children and the blessing of the Elect.  

Would you bless me?

My dear friends, I am not asking for your permission – I am only asking for your blessing.  I have not kissed anyone yet to date!  My last kiss was the day I gave Ruthie’s hand over to her real husband and Lord who took her breath away the 26 of February 2012 at 6:14 AM.

It was Sunday morning, the sun was rising when I released Ruthie’s hand which I was holding over night and with a little kiss on her lips I whispered to her ear  “Good-bye, Mama – go with God.”  And with the other hand I closed her eyes.  

I seriously doubt I will lift up a veil to anyone’s lips again.  But I am certain and confidant to be able to love as Jesus loved his bride and look forward to have the chance to make someone happy - someone who believes in love; someone who has hurt because of love; someone whose heart has been broken because of love; someone who has been abused and beat up to an inch of her life because of love; someone like Sammy of Samaria. (The Samaritan woman).

Pray for one whose body may have been abused but whose heart is “virgin”, untouched, pure and unblemished.

Pray and see the hand of the Lord in a member of the body of which you are part. Prayers are not answered necessarily after we pray.  The storehouse of God is full of unclaimed answers equally predestined as salvation before the foundation of the world. We do not live a life of improvisation.

Pray that I may love by faith and consult no flesh or “stepfathers” who do not believe in forgiveness, grace, compassion or mercy. Our Lord Jesus puts people together while stepfathers separate. 

Pray as the sun rises on a new chapter of my life.  Pray as I stand in what I believe to be the supreme hour of my life of testimony as a witness of Jesus.

Gerry Gutierrez