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The Immutable Predestined Nature of Prayer

August 12, 2014

Prayer is the most encouraging and discouraging thing at the same time.

Nothing encouraged the believer more than the answer to their prayer!
Nothing discourages the believer more than the prayer that is not answered!
The only thing is that it has nothing to do with God’s supplies but Faith and the will of God.
The San Francisco Golden Gate Bridge was not built from one side but from both sides.
So was the Gate Way to the West Arch in Saint Louis Missouri, just west of the Mississippi.

In the same way faith and prayer meet the ever prevailing will of God in Jesus’ name alone.
Once this bridge is built, all things are a prayer away and the traffic of goods is established.
Once the ladder is in place the angels from heaven are unceasingly going up and down.
The trade is more in one direction than the other because of the predestined provision of God.
The other way is only equivalent to the cry of a baby for the already existing mother’s milk.

It’s not when a baby cries that the milk is produced. Milk is there whether the baby weeps or not.
When the baby calls as in prayer, the milk was already there whether or not to be consumed. 
In the same way is with the predestined destiny and needs of the children of God of all ages. 
They do not get what they want because of their prayers or their cries for the provisions of God.
Provisions as well as salvation are equally predestined by God to be freely appropriated by faith.

Prayer is as the meeting of a half blind, needy newborn baby with the breast of the mother.

Prayer does not produce a thing. Prayer has always a sweet answer when we agree with God’s timing and our needs according to his sovereign will that controls all things at all time.
“Oh what a needless burden we bear and because we do not carry everything to God in Prayer”.

My children never remind me to provide for their breakfast lunch or dinner. They only thank!

Everything may fail on December 25 but not the bicycle promised to my son on November.
At the feet of the Christmas tree on Christmas day there will be a bicycle so help me God.
Therefore a promise thanked is a gift granted. It’s so with men; how much more so with God?
We either organize or improvise too much and do not go anywhere when we talk to God.
But when in child-like faith we go in holy dependency from God, all things are a prayer away.

Why am I talking of prayer as if we do not know a thing about it? Let me tell you why!
Is has been a recent personal discovery the importance of power and the nature of prayer.
I have been convicted of the powerless nature of my militancy as a soldier of Jesus.
I have been persuaded that the kingdom of God is not a matter of words but of power.
I now believe that power resides in Faith, Prayer and the alignment with the will of God.

I will never live a supernatural life in the most natural way unless I take prayer as Jesus did.
Taking God at his word and agreeing with God, will put all things a prayer away in Jesus.
Power is a must for kingdom work if we want “His kingdom to come” in our generation.
We have been called to do things as Jesus did…and even greater things for his glory alone.
Our World will remain the same if we don’t seek to obey the conditions of Jesus on prayer.

Two or three agreeing together according to God’s will and having all things asked in faith.
Then it is not the frequency or length or even the eloquence of prayer but the requisite of prayer.
Prayer is meant to produce fellowship and unity more than the blessing of goods or things for me.
Needs are to promote dependence from God and interdependence from one another.
From an independent and lonely life God cannot help himself for his divine purposes and glory.

Gerry Gutierrez

First Thought Series for Radio Amauta. August 11, 2014 Georgia