Gerry & Julie Gutierrez' Update

Happy Birthday Jesus!
“Jesus was the poorest of the poor and the richest of the rich
--all in one person”

December 24, 2014

No room in the Inn was found for Him, but a Manger and second-hand clothing FOR the King of Kings. But FROM the Kings and wise men from the East Jesus found Gold, Incense and Myrrh. Above all they came to worship and worship they did till they had their fill of worship.!!!

Joseph and Mary were missionaries of God. Jesus was God’s missionary kid. Missionary kids wear second-hand swaddling clothes. 

Jesus came to his own, his own recognize him not. There was no room in the Inn of our hearts for Jesus. Even his clothing was second-hand swaddling clothes. But wise men recognize God in Jesus and came from far away to provide support for his needs.  

They supported his first missionary trip to Egypt while God himself led through dreams to Joseph and Mary; this missionary agency was formed by a godly couple of his choice. God's little ones have always needed a babysitter.

Jesus returned the favor by leaving the only things that belong to him at his death and that was his second hand garment that was divided among the Roman soldiers. But to those who recognize him, believe and receive him, he give them the right to become children of God and for them he built a room in the Inn of his kingdom and purchased a robe of righteousness without which no one can enter into heaven.

  We are hosting the best missionary that I have come to know personally.
She loves Jesus, as few as I have ever seen. She is a "tent-maker". That means that she supports herself and does not have a missionary agency to provide her salary, health or life insurance.

Her only income is the work of her hands and she supports herself as well as others from different nations that come into her lap as to a mother hen. She says, “I wanted to be a missionary in a tough country like Saudi Arabia, but the Lord has brought many countries (Arabs, Iranians, Egyptians, Chinese, Korean, Japanese, Peruvians, Brazilians, Turks, Chileans, Colombians, Indians Yemenites, Cambodians, Vietnamese, Germans, Kuwaitis and Japanese) into my lap to teach English and I use that time to talk to them about Jesus”.

I have known her all her life. She has been an inspiration to me and to my family with her faithful and undivided commitment to Jesus from early age to this very day. She hardly makes enough to pay her rent and goes often without food but would not leave her “kids and students” without a witness.

We invited her to our home for Christmas to honor us with her presence. We cooked her favorite meal "Lomo Saltado" the signature plate from Peru. What an honor to feed my mentor, my encourager and beloved lover of our Lord Jesus. It felt as if we would be feeding Jesus himself.

In the midst of the hustle bustle it sure is good to have a “Peace Child” sent by God into our home.

She is a woman of sorrow, despised, acquainted with grief and rejected by men. Yet to me she is the source of comfort, joy and hope and my growing admiration is refreshed with her child-like faith.

Thank you, Jesus, for making yourself visible through her today. She comes full of questions on how to witness Jesus best as if I was her trusted Rabbi and teacher.

I am a teaching elder, but to her I am more than that. I am the face she saw above her crib when she first opened her eyes. I am the one who first kissed her forehead as a welcome into this world. It was my hands that lifted her up close to my heart to just feel the warmth of life next to my face. It was my fingers that wiped her first tears.

Please pray for this homegrown missionary whose only purpose in life is to lift the name of Jesus.

Pray for Keila Dea Gutierrez Marshall a child of the covenant and a servant of our Father in Heaven, my favorite missionary, mentor, daughter and friend. I am sure there must be many other children out there and proud fathers such as I, but I do not know them as well as I know this child, as her father.

Please have a blessed Christmas. From a proud father who is about to touch Heaven today!!

Gerry Gutierrez

PS: Keila is the red haired next to her sister Lois. Keila tutors at the University of Delaware.