Gerry & Julie Gutierrez' Update

Breaking News:

Another Gutierrez has arrived to the mission field today.

The following picture and note is from Nathaniel’s Facebook Nathaniel Gutierrez at Arequipa, PERU

Look who arrived! We are so happy to have Ben living with us and helping us in the ministry here in Arequipa

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Nathaniel Gutierrez If you know Ben, you know he is serious about evangelism and he has already been evaluating our evangelistic methods. Ben didn't skip a beat when he arrived after 24hrs with no sleep. He jumped right into talking with the taxi driver on the way home from the airport. The driver was so impressed that someone was actually talking to him...I can't wait to see the doors the Lord opens through Ben.


“Bronaries” is a word invented by my sons
who wanted to be brother missionaries.

Cain and Abel were brothers
They were supposed to be Bronaries
But they did not agree in worship
They fell apart because they competed
So they could not work together
They end up one killing the other
One won and the other lost
But the winner became a loser
And the loser became a winner
Competing does not lead to agreement.

Abraham and Lot were relatives
They agreed to work together
Thus they became Bronaries
All things went well for them
Until their people began to compete
Then they departed ways and were weakened
Lot chose the plains of Sodom and Gomorrah
Abraham let God chose for him using Lot
Lot got what he wanted but almost died
In God, losers win and winners lose

Abraham and Isaac were father and son missionaries
They were often compared to God and Jesus
They were father and son who become God’s Bronaries
They were as such after the pattern of God the Father and Jesus
They were Bronaries in the purest sense of the word
God raised a son in Jesus who raised twelve disciples
Isaac raised a son in Jacob who had twelve sons
Mission work has always been a family affair
We can safely say that nepotism is a virtue and not the contrary
How can one trust others if one cannot trust its own family?

Moses, Aaron and Miriam were siblings
They were children of slaves in Egypt
God assembled them as Bronaries
And by virtue of their predestined destiny
They became the sovereign force of God’s will
They delivered the people of God from bondage
When they competed with Moses they were disciplined
But God kept them together by his grace to the end
What God has joined together let no one separate
The ever prevailing will of God will come to pass

Joshua and Caleb were faithful disciples of Moses
The call of God made them closer than brothers
They walk together as Bronaries in agreement
They stood as witnesses in the unity of faith
They testified by conquering the Promised Land
In the beginning they were strangers to one another
But the secret of their power was in the unity in God
They became examples of love being thicker than blood
But unity in the love of Jesus is thicker than any blood

Jesus and John the Baptist were cousins
They were born within six months of each other
They were the missionaries of God the Father
They were the special Bronaries of God
One was the greatest of the heavenly realm
The other the greatest born of woman on earth
They were as one as you can find, ever in will
Though they never worked together but in baptism
They never competed with each other
One reflected the light of the other gladly
The disciples of John hear him but follow Jesus

James and Jude were the brothers of Jesus
They became Bronaries and wrote two books
At first they did not even believe in Jesus
But at last they trusted Jesus with their own lives
James in humility refused his credentials in Jesus
Jude claimed only to be the brother of James
Credentials do not rest in paper but in relationship
Once a child of God, then you are a brother of Jesus
At the end all missionaries are Bronaries with Jesus
In kingdom work we are co-workers with God and Jesus

Jesus’ first disciples were Peter and Andrew
Peter and Andrew were brothers and fishermen
By the call of Jesus they became Bronaries
Jesus’ second disciples were James and John
James and John were brothers and also fishermen
When Jesus called them they became Bronaries
John and Charles Wesley were Bronaries
Paul and Roger Kooistra were Bronaries as well
Frank and Ann Graham Lutz are Bronaries
Hurray for the Bronaries, brothers / missionaries

As I write this letter the Lord has called another missionary
A special “missionary kid” is flying now to join his brother
His name is Benjediah (son of one who worships God)
His brother’s name is Nathaniel Gutierrez (gift of God)
They ask me to help them saying “We want to be Bronaries”
Julie and I became their supporters with great delight
Benjie said, “I'm an evangelist and I will serve under my brother.”
“And when he is absent I will be the man of the house”.
Benjie is an expert in “The Way of the Master” by Ray Comfort
Beware Arequipa, Peru - the Gutierrez’s are here to stay!

Please pray for these Bronaries - so close to my heart!
“I have no greater joy than to hear that my children
are walking in the truth” (3 John 4)

Gerry Gutierrez

PS: Benjie will hand deliver a wig for little Ruth
Santillana, undergoing open-brain surgery on Friday.