Gerry & Julie Gutierrez' Update

Today [Tuesday, July 8] is the day! Please Pray!!!!
Cranial Surgery for Simeon Gutierrez

Dear Friends;

The smallest family member of the Gutierrez Tribe is Simeon who is hardly a year old and will be going through cranial surgery at 12:30 Pacific Time.

I, the patriarch of my family, CALL upon the people of God who delights in answering prayer when two or three or more gather together in agreement to ask anything according his will.

There is no reason why this could not be God's will so I summon you to agree with me and say with me simple : "Yes Lord I agree with Gerry on his request on behalf of Simeon. Restore him to wholeness in Jesus name"

Thank you my friends for your intercession and thank you dear Father in Heaven in Jesus's name and the power of the Holy Spirit . Amen.

Gerry Gutierrez

From: Alicia Gutierrez

8 hrs [~4:00PM Monday July 7]

2 months ago when we went in for Simeon's pre-op, the doctors were very concerned about his low weight. Today, and four pounds later, everyone is much happier with how our little guy looks and so far things seem like a go-ahead for surgery tomorrow. Thank you for praying, and we praise The Lord for his perfect timing even when it was hard to have the surgery canceled last time.

Simeon's Picture...May he find grace in your prayers!