Gerry & Julie Gutierrez' Update

Today [Tuesday, July 8] Cranial Surgery for Simeon
In six hours [at 12:30 PM PDT] is Simeon's surgery.
Last supplication to pray!!

What is our Lord doing today in the Gutierrez family?

Simeon does not know what will happen to his little world today.

Nathanial and Alicia will partake in the fellowship of His suffering, as Abraham did.

We will ponder in our hearts the reason and the season of this event and we will together come to understand a little bit more of the role of afflictions in the life of the servants of God.

Apart of being an opportunity to testify as witnesses of the grace of God in our lives to others, it is the health of the soul, the aim of afflictions and testing’s. As many saints before us have found out “our worse things are often our best things.”

Charles Haddon Spurgeon said: “As a curse is wrapped up in a wicked man’s mercies, so there is blessings concealed in a godly man’s crosses, losses and sorrows.”

“The trails of the saint are the divine husbandry by which he grows and brings about fruit! “To become like a tree planted by streams of water and whatever he does prosper.”

Oswald Chambers would add, “Thank God he does give us difficult things to do?”  His salvation is a great thing, but it is also a heroic, holy thing. It tests us for all we are worth. Jesus is bringing  ‘many sons’ unto glory and God will not shield us from the requirements of a son.”

“God’s grace turns out men and women with a strong family likeness to Jesus Christ, not milksops.” “It takes a tremendous amount of discipline to live the noble life of a disciple of Jesus in actual things.”

Dear Nathaniel and Alicia,

Let the Lord clean the dross a little bit more from our live through this experience so you can together shine for Jesus in unity.

Holding your hands in prayer and with you as if we were in your shoes.

Jesus said “I will be with you always” Those are encouraging word and we can believe in them and take him at his word, because he has been there. He knows.

For the family and friends

Your Dad

Alicia Gutierrez shared Cranio Care Bears's photo.
6 hrs · 

Every day this sweet organization posts the names of children all over the world having the same or similar surgeries that Simeon will have. It is a huge comfort to know that we are not alone in this journey of craniosynostosis, and it is kind of surreal but hugely comforting to see Simeon's name on there tonight and know that people who we've never even met are praying.

Thank you, Cranio Care Bears for your support!

Cranio Care Bears

There are three children having surgery tomorrow [Tuesday, July 8]. 7.5 mo old Hadassah in South Africa with sagittal, 9 mo old Simeon with metopic and Shelby Davidson's son AJ (pictured here) is having his second surgery for sagittal.

Please keep each of them in your thoughts and prayers!