Gerry & Julie Gutierrez' Update

Gerry And Julie Are Leaving Mission To The World For New Opportunities!!!

Dear Praying Supporters, Brothers and Friends;

Thank you, thank you, and thank you again, in the name of our triune God whom we both serve with all our hearts, strength, souls and minds.

You will never know on this side of heaven how encouraging you have been to this once blushing, timid little boy of the Andes Mountains. By God’s grace I have become a daring and fearless soldier of Jesus through your love, prayers and support.

How could I find adequate words to express to you that which is so deep in my heart?  I can hardly understand the depths of the supernatural nature of your love for me, a “useless servant who has only tried to do that which was his duty”.

I barely recognize myself since coming to know the Lord and His transforming power in my life. Through His love and your trust in me and encouragement in our walk together over many years, I have been truly changed for the better.

You have silently and faithfully convinced me to live up to what I said I believe and gently become the convicting force to make me a better man and a confident servant who seeks to believe and live up to what he has attained in Jesus.

Forgive me for not always communicating succinctly and clearly the reports of your investment and the dividends of your gains and interest of our enterprise. 

You are entitled to every report but I have withheld information from you because of the sensitive nature of our work and with those whom we serve. Though they hold powerful positions they are men with feet of clay, vulnerable to have their names under attack by a wrong perception.

As the saying goes, “Many ears tie up my tongue”, but your Lord and mine knows about these things and has smiled on us both.  So please, let this suffice for now.

This letter is to announce that we have come to a fork in the road whereby I will be stepping aside from MTW.  I feel like Peter who stepped out from the security of the boat and walked on the water as I enter in to my third watch of the night of my life. Jesus himself seems to be saying to me, “Come, it is I, do not be afraid.”

I will no longer be under the umbrella of Mission to The World as I enter a new venture, one that surpasses the scope of that which MTW is designed to operate.

I go out from MTW with nothing but thanksgiving and gratitude to have belonged to the greatest missionary agency since the early church.  Even though we yearn to go back to Peru and go on with the Radio ministry, the church planting wrap-up, and the Word and Deed ministry to the poor, we are more committed than ever before to His will be done in our lives, whatever this may be.

No matter where we find ourselves geographically, our desire is to aim the whole world toward understanding the gospel.  We are finding International organizations that are interested in our vision and have expressed a desire to cover us for the remainder of our days. We would be most appreciative if you would continue your partnership and your valuable support to our ministry.  We are convinced that our years of fruitfulness and our hour of testimony are still ahead. 

By continued support you will be securing your many years of investment for the King and His kingdom!

As of the 31st of August we will no longer be employees under MTW.  You will be receiving a letter next month announcing the name and address of the Evangelical International organization with whom we will be associated.

Again, thank you through your generous prayers and gifts for making it possible for us to stand up for Jesus, for He stood up for us!

In His name and representing you,

Gerry and Julie Gutierrez

June 2014

Dear Friends of Gerry and Julie Gutierrez:

Warmest greetings in the wonderful name of our Lord Jesus Christ!

We join you in rejoicing with Gerry over his marriage to Julie and, with you, pray that God will richly bless them as their journey together unfolds.

This letter is to let you know of another transition in Gerry’s life and ministry. As you will read in the enclosed letter, Gerry and Julie plan to ‘retread’ later this year. At that time, Gerry’s relationship with MTW will be that of a retirement. Gerry and Julie will continue to labor in other places far and wide but it will no longer be in the context of the MTW community. Therefore Gerry and Julie's MTW support account will close onAugust 31, 2014.  If you are giving electronically, your donations will automatically stop on August 31st.

Prior to his MTW retirement, Gerry will be making several trips and we would ask you to pray with and for him as he finalizes his MTW commitments. Gratefully, due to your generosity there are sufficient funds in Gerry’s support account for these trips. The ministry that Gerry has had for the past 35 years would not have been possible without you. Through your partnership with the Gutierrez family, churches have been formed, children’s lives have been changed, and many have come to know our Lord and Savior. Thank you for your faithful prayer and financial support which has made all of this possible.

As you can, please continue to pray for Gerry and Julie as they seek the Lord’s guidance for the next chapter of their lives and ministry. Should you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to contact me.

May God richly bless you and yours.

Gratefully in the gospel of grace,

Bill Yarbrough
International Director, Latin America and Sub Saharan Africa
678-823-0004 x2567