Gerry & Julie Gutierrez' Update

An Important Need For Prayer!

Dear brothers, sisters and friends in Jesus our Lord;

I am certainly in great need of your intercessory prayers,

My prayer request is substantiated in the attached letter, which I have received over a month ago and have been sleeping on it to make a determination after prayerful consideration with my wife and family.

The timing is perfect. I am calling out for prayer support as we decide how we can best help Peru and the world at this time of our lives. We have many opportunities ahead of us that include this letter of a call to complete the church planting ministry in the Andes, which you have invested so much, along with the Radio ministry, discipleship, writings and the Mercy ministries to the poor.

Please join us and pray us back to Peru as soon as possible, Lord willing. 

Thankfully and respectfully yours,

Gerry and Julie Gutierrez

Huanta, May 8, 2014.

Reverend Gerardo Gutiérrez Santillana.

Dear Brother in Christ Jesus:

We pray to our Lord God for you and your wife are enjoying the care of our Great God and Lord who became man in the person of our Lord Jesus.

Warm greetings to you and your wife from "The Congregation the Carpenter of Nazareth Saint Mark of Huanta Peru". We remember you with great affection. We always pray for your return and continue your work with us. We really need you and have in mind the teachings of the Word of God that you have shared with us. We think so and believe those who are in this small congregation that under your direction we have grown spiritually, and we believe that if you return to work among us we will grow more in every way.

The city of Huanta is growing, new businesses are opening and are stable and no longer close as in previous years, new buildings rise, people are coming from other parts of the country, especially professionals, I think it is because the government is making major infrastructures.

It will soon be starting to work the Autonomous University of Huanta, and we will have higher concentration of young students; we think we will need more leaders to guide the new generations.

The evangelical churches are also growing but unfortunately only in numbers, in many cases the biblical principles are not being valued, as it should be. There is too much emotionalism and superficiality.

Considering these aspects mentioned above, we find it necessary the presence of you and men like you to work for the glory of God in the Andes.

Relying on the power of our God, hoping that you and your wife decide to come and help us, we say goodbye for now.


Pastor German Santillana Palomino.

Representing the San Marcos Church we sign:
Tito Martinez
Alina Martinez.
Ruben Ayala.
Maruja Mora de Ayala.
Tulio Azorsa.
Esther Azorsa,
Leoncio Soto.
Consuelo Soto.
Omar Soto
Gladis Soto,
Erwin Soto  
Melchora Soto,
Hector Vega.
Gladis Vega
Abraham Atao and wife,
Nelson Aybar and wife,
Judith Andia Quispe,
Mariela Mora Quispe.
Ruth Mora,
Elbert Cordova,
Rocio Barboza,
Luyo Elizabeth Venegas,
Andia Roxana Quispe,
Percy Valladares,
Adela Gutierrez,
Albert Bustamante Rojas,
Benjamin Cardenas Ortiz,
Norma Carmona,
Catherin Bustios,
Caty Gavilan,
Cristina Mejia,
Flora Ramirez,
Melina Martinez.