Gerry & Julie Gutierrez' Update

Fuel For The Day Of Prayer 2014

Do my needs qualify for prayers?

Ever since I have decided to work on Prayer as the Power to change the world, I have been hit from every side so hard that I wonder if I will ever make it to the end.

It’s been twenty-three years on agony since Ruthie got cancer and I started struggling with and in prayer. Then three years ago we came to the point of praying the prayer of our lives and the death of Ruthie was the answer to that prayer. Since Ruthie give her life as the down payment to understand prayer, I can not forget my commitment to her to keep on putting my discoveries on paper. But whosoever wants to be serious about prayer must be aware that the forces of the dark world will unleash its powers to sift you like a wheat.

Whether my cross is heavier than usual or I am getting old, but my life has become a series of short naps.

I am falling asleep at church services.
I am falling asleep in the car as passenger.
I am falling asleep as I watch the news.
I am falling asleep at the chair.
I am sleeping with my mouth open.
I am embarrassed when someone is looking at me smiling while I sleep.
I am wakening myself up at the sound of my own snoring.
I am awakening and my heart is running so fast and trembling.
I am in need of sleep and rest from above.

Yet I am confident that God is doing something in us.
What that is?
We will know it in due time!!

But it sure is good to know that we are not going home to our Father in Heaven a minute early or a minute late. Pray that our Lord finds us faithful in the inner man!

Let us focus today in three prayers:
1-“Yes Lord”
2- “Your kingdom come”
3- “Your will be done and not ours”.
May we become the generation in whose time the Lord Jesus returns.

Till then, Pray that I may rest and preach the Gospel of Jesus by Prayer, Pen and Proclamation: Pray that Word is given to me to clearly, boldly and powerfully present Jesus through the Internet and Radio in Peru and the World.

Gerry Gutierrez