Gerry & Julie Gutierrez' Update

Update On Simeon Gutierrez' Pre-Surgery Appointments!!

Dear Friends;

Please keep the candle of your prayers burning for our little family.
Pray that we may be able to go to support Nathaniel and Alicia and the children.
Pray and pray a little bit more.
Pray for your needy friends whose sky is full of dark clouds.

Gerry Gutierrez

From: Nathaniel Gutierrez
To: The Gutierrez Family
May 5, 2014 - 8:08 PM (3 hours ago)

Today we had a series of appointments from 9:00-3:30pm with all the doctors involved in the process.  It was information overload (somewhat like what I'm about to give you now), and we were exhausted after just the first appointment.  All the doctors were very concerned that Simeon's cold might postpone the surgery.  When we finally saw the anesthesiologist who makes "the call" regarding whether or not the surgery would be postponed, she leaned toward postponing, but decided in the end that we would wait a few more days to make the call.  Please pray that Simeon would be at 100% healthy for the surgery before Wednesday.

If he still has a cold on Wednesday, they will most likely postpone the surgery.  That could mean months of waiting or weeks of waiting - nobody knows for certain.  His cold is an issue because the breathing tube inserted in Simeon's airway can cause irritation and if his airway constricts due to the tube and the cold, it could cause Simeon to stop breathing.  So they have to be very sure that he can handle it. 

The doctors say that his growth is demonstrating that nutritionally he is eating more than enough (apparently he eats twice the food a normal baby his size would), but his height indicates that he might have a growth hormone deficiency. If it is the hormone that regulates stress, then they won't want him to have surgery.  They took blood work and are investigating all of this now.  

If Simeon does get the "ok" to have surgery we can expect to be at the hospital two hours before the surgery.  They will give us a pager and give us an update every 1.5hrs to 2hrs.  It will take approximately 1 hr to prep. Simeon for surgery which includes him falling asleep, and getting hooked up to an iv and other tubes.  He will definitely need a blood transfusion and the surgery itself will take 3-4 hours. Following the surgery he will go in for a post-op CT scan and then directly to ICU for one day (that is when we will see him).  Following that day in ICU, he will be transferred to a room.  No visiting kids are allowed in the ICU, but they are allowed in the room that he will be transferred to after that.  Visiting hours are 8am-8pm and only two people can be in the ICU at a time including us.

Simeon will have a drain tube behind his ear for 2-3 days for excess blood. The first day he will look bad, but the third day he will look the worst he will look due to the swelling and healing process.  

The hospital does 100-150 of these surgeries every year, and we know we have hundreds of people standing behind us all in prayer, and for that we could not be more grateful. Thank you so much.

-Nathaniel & Alicia