Gerry & Julie Gutierrez' Update

Updates on Simeon's Surgery & Julie in the Emergency Room!
May 11, 2014

From: Nathaniel Gutierrez
May 9, 2014

Health updates on Simeon and surgery.

Thank you for your prayers for Simeon's surgery.  Turns out that the anesthesia department takes a cold very seriously and we will have to cancel today’s appointment and wait a few weeks before we can reschedule.  We will keep you posted.  We are definitely discouraged but we also know this too is in the Lord's hands and are confident in that.

Thank you for your prayers.

Dear Friends of the Gerry Gutierrez Family;

As you can see, in the journey of Faith, the only sovereign is the Lord our God. Praise and thanks be to his name for he alone knows the end from the beginning and every step of the way home. Our Lord has his own reasons to postpone the surgery of Simeon for another day. Our Lord is doing something is all of us at the same time.

Again thank you for your prayer for my family. This past week has been a time of testing and at the same time grace in our lives. After days of dark clouds, the winds of his grace is blowing away the clouds and given us some sunshine.

On Wednesday Julie felt like bowling and we went to the Holiday Bowling alley. During the second round of bowling Julie made two full strikes and was so happy but all of a sudden I saw her “Airborne” with her two feet in front of her face and falling so violently on the hard wood floor on her back and head that I was afraid that she may have broke her back. I run to her side to desperately pray and kept her still until the Ambulance arrived and put a brace on her neck and drove her to the Erlanger Hospital where she saw submitted to all kinds of test, X-ray, EKG, Scans and morphine and other pain killers.

We were kept all night long and when the pain subsided we had the visit of a competent Doctor who was a lover of Jesus that delivered to us the good news that the was no bone fracture of any kind and that she can go home with a new brace on her neck. Julie is still in pain, but stable and walking just fine. The painkillers and muscle relaxing medicines have had an hostile reaction today and she is in need of prayer for the side effects of the medicine. Please pray for fast healing and relief.

In the last several days we have averaged some eight hours of deep sleep thanks to your powerful prayers. Please keep us in your prayers as I am determined to write messages for a whole year for the Radio, which can be broadcast year around and to be rebroadcasted the following year and if possible to be exported to other Countries of the Spanish-speaking world.


PS Please pray for Jimmy Dukes, who will be preaching for the first time in our Church in the Andes on discipleship.
And for Pastor German's daughter Ruthie who had brain surgery and will try to go home after more than three months in the hospital.