Gerry & Julie Gutierrez' Update

If I was afraid, now I am terrified and about to be petrified.

November 10, 2014

Leaving MTW has become like being weaned out from my mothers breast.
My grandmother told me that I was breastfed almost until I was three years old.

One day my teenager mother did not want to give me any more milk.

So I was trying to tackle her for milk and we end up fighting violently.

Grandpa saw that and spanked us both and that was the end of my breastfeeding.

In the same way I'm finding out that going out of the organizational impediments  “to do the real work” that I have so long wanted “free from policies” it is going to take a lot of adjustment, discipline and change.

But please do not read me wrong. I am not having an employees’ remorse; this is the will of God for my life without doubts. I am where the Lord wants me to be and where I want to be. I have always wanted to step out of the boat and walk toward Jesus and walk with Jesus in the most natural way. But though I am not Peter, I am feeling the winds and the waves. Missionary work is not an adventure to me, but a hard work of Faith from beginning to end.

I have been baiting as usual more than I can chew naturally.

My task to reach the world in my generation remains the same.

While people talk behind my back saying: Gerry and his “Grandiose ideas”.

What do you think you are? Better than those who preceded you?

Though I am terrified I remained determined more than ever before.

There is a saying that says: “People who are crazy enough to think they can change the world …are those who do change it!”

Crazy? I am over qualified. To succeed? That is not my problem.

Jesus knowing that I was crazy hired me without recommendations.

On Earth I am a “Reject” as Jesus was. But God builds with what men rejects.

I never knew how to look for a job; I was always just chosen and drafted.

I am a follower by vocation but a leader by nature. Any takers? I am a “temp”.

This is the case of a missionary for hire like gun fighters in the west.

I am offering my services as hit men to whoever wants to hire a missionary.

We have food to eat but I am only in need of work budget to do the task.

I am praying: “Lord do not abandon the work of your hands” and I am asking my supporters do not waste your investment in my life.

Jesus is always hiring because the harvest is white and plentiful.

Jesus never fires, because to fire that which you have chosen is firing self.

Jesus said: “From those you given me I did not lose any except the traitor”.

Recently I read about a base jumper in Switzerland. He said to feel almost unbearable fear every time he jumps. He’s consumed with it the moment his feet leave the mountain until his chute opens several seconds later. Why? Because he thinks, “maybe today’s the day my chute won’t open”.

“Whenever we have the potential to do something important or extraordinary, we’ll be tempted to stay inside our comfort zone. But the truth is we never do anything of real significance in our comfort zone. The BASE jumper who listens to his fears is just another hiker who walks down the mountains.”

Gerry Gutierrez

PS: I want to publicly thank MTW for having me under their wing for more than thirty years and even celebrate my retirement before my colleagues with a gift of the Globe and a commemorative plate for “Faithful Service”. I also thank MTW for making provisions for my retirement with the pension that will start on November. Thank you for your blessing as I left home with your prayers and the laying of the hands on me the least of his servants.

PS 2: You will find grammatical and spelling errors on my letters. Remember that English was never my first language.  

Please pray that the language of future letters to you may have the fresh dew from heaven and anointed with gentle and loving words full of truth.