Gerry & Julie Gutierrez' Update

Pray For I Am Afraid!

September 17, 2014

Dear faithful praying friends.

Forty years of desert experience with the Lord has led me to the point in my life that I have no choice but to speak boldly and clearly a word of testimony to our generation.
My case will be again the case of the cricket chirping while the swans are silent.

There is a letter coming your way; soon. I hope; this letter requires the mind of Jesus, the purity of the Holy Spirit and the power and wisdom of God to communicate that what is deep in my heart as the only thing that motivates me to still hung on in this life.

I fear that my language will not be sugarcoated.
Please pray that my words may be taking in the spirit in which it’s written.

Truth cannot be sugarcoated and still be called Truth.
Truth has its own flavor whether we like it or not one must not sugarcoat or take away the natural sweetness of the truth.

Truth does not need deodorant because its armpits are not decomposing like that of a sinful man.

Truth does not need cosmetics because though she may not look pretty, but she sure is beautiful.
Truth is not chubby or skinny she is just fit and right and ready.

Truth always smiles to him who seeks her and does not have a vertical frown on her forehead
Truth is not threatening to the pure of heart. Children and the child like fear not the truth.

Truth is brighter than the Sun but you do not need sunglasses with her.
Truth is irresistibly attractive to those who have a sense of beauty.

Truth is like a precious diamond that you wear not on you but in your eyes can only see it with the ears of your heart.

Truth has an accent that reflects a familiar in your ears because of your resemblance with Jesus and you understand it more easily than explain it with words.

Truth cannot be forgotten because it is not an idea or a concept but a person who either is with you always or you just have not met him yet.

Truth is Jesus the Son of God and you can trust the truth for there is a great reward to him who believes in Jesus. Eternal life is in the Son of God.

Dear Lord please help me to speak truthfully the truth, the whole truth and nothing but the help me God.

In Jesus, the one and only true revolutionary:

Gerry Gutierrez

PS. We thank you for your prayers while we were in New Delhi, Manipur, Calcutta, Guwahati and Kathmandu, where like arsonists we attempted to light up the fuse to burn the prairie of the world with our “Manifesto of Kathmandu and Huanta” at the foot of the Himalayans Mountains along with our Indian, Nepalese, Tibetan, Butanes Asian and some former Maoist brothers in Jesus.

Gerry and Julia Marie Gutierrez