Gerry & Julie Gutierrez' Update

Josiah back to the Emergency Room!!
(Two messages from Caleb)

April 6, 2015

Dad, pray for Josiah, not sure what happened yet but Kelly just texted me saying he's back in the ER.

Not sure about all the details yet but Josiah became pale and unresponsive in his day care today. He was rushed to the ER via ambulance. More details to come.

[Gerry's Thoughts]

Dear Friends,

I just received this [the above] message from my son Caleb. I believe it is time for "wet prayers". We must together BELIEVE on behalf of Caleb, Kelly and Josiah. All things are possible to them that believe. That is what prayer is all about. We too along with Caleb and Kelly are being tested. Prayer that trust only good doctor is no different than the faith of an unbeliever. 

I have no question on my mind that this sickness is for the glory of God. God who is in Heaven whose name is Holy, is above all OUR FATHER. God is not an impersonal God who has left us alone in an impersonal, cold, dark, lonely and violent Universe till we run out of energy and died like dogs. 

God is personal and caring, compassionate, generous and rejoices in showing mercy to them who comes in a childlike Faith by taken him at his word. Let us strip ourselves of the pride that takes away boldness and let us take Jesus at his work when he said in the imperative form of the verb; ASK, SEEK, KNOCK. For if we do not do it we live in disobedience to his commands. 

Prayer is not design for our benefit only. It is design to accomplish a greater purpose in all of us and ultimately for his glory, for he alone has the Power and we are sheep of HIS pastures. Let us remember the shortest verse of the Bible; "Jesus wept". Jesus wept in the garden and sweat drops of blood and as and answer his Father sent angels to attend him. Jesus did not ask his Father to alter his circumstances but submit himself to the ever prevailing will of God.

About 'wet prayers", I just read from scripture in Matthew 15:21-28 about the Canaanite woman who came to Jesus, crying out and weeping and crying some more and finally on her knees at the feet of Jesus. The result? Jesus said to her "Woman you have a great faith. Your request is granted".  And her daughter was healed from that very hour. (The word is immediately.)

God who uses all things to bring his children to communion on the basis of their needs to keep us depending on him and independent from one another.

Jesus said about some difficult cases where the disciples were unable to cast a demon out. Jesus said, 'This kind can only be cast out through fasting and prayers. Let us not make a weak use of God's power in prayer.

When I mention "Wet prayers" I ment prayer in tears, moved in compassion for someone. There is something about tears that moves a father into action. I am a father and I have never poked or pinched my children just for fun. If I a sinful man did not do that even in my worse day, how much more our loving and perfect Father not but love his children. If the Lord has allowed for this to happen to Josiah, Caleb and Kelly and us; he has a reason of his own.

Please let us not waste this opportunity to pray together and learn what the mind of God is on this matter. We are one Community. We are one body. We belong to the head and that is our Lord Jesus. Let us join our feeble prayers to our Lord Jesus who is interceding even as I write this letter and you read it.

It is good for me to be a burden to you with my needs. It is good because it more blessed to give that to received. Remember that we are a family and destined to spend eternity together. Les us bond together in this world so we can praise the Lord in heaven when we make memory of it all.

Gerry Gutierrez