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A Lesson On Settling Accounts On This Side Of Heaven.
What To Do With Debts?

April 17, 2015

What to do with debts?

Debt is something you owe.
Debt is something to be paid back, or
Debt is something to be canceled.

The law requires settling accounts.  

If the debtor cannot pay, the law orders to sell the debtor, his wife, his children and all his possessions to repay the debt.

But if in tears (that is wet prayers) and on his knees a debtor begs for patience and promises to pay the debt, the master might take pity on him and grant him more time to pay.

In the case of the Matthew 18:21-35 account the master did not only give him more time but also cancelled the debt and let him go free from the guilt of debt instantly.

The forgiven servant should have left to celebrate accordingly.

Instead of joyfully celebrate his forgiveness, he goes to his fellow servant and grabs him and begins to choke him “pay back what you owe me” he demanded.

His fellow servant fell on his knees and beg him to be patient with me and I will pay you back. But the man refused and went off and had the man thrown into prison until he could pay the debt.

This is a very curious event for me to read today in the timing of the Lord.

Yesterday I asked lovingly and tenderly for a chance to pay my debts to a fellow servant who is dancing mightily for having been forgiving of a larger debt. I asked permission to call by phone and I asked for patience with me. I was granted audience and in humility begged for a chance to settle accounts as if I was truly and willfully guilty.

I knew my debts to be not as large as of my fellow servant’s debts with the master. I presented my case confident to find mercy, but I was refused. Instead I was sent back to my jail of guilt till I pay all my debts.

I did not go to my fellow servant on my own name but in the name of our merciful Jesus. Jesus does not only smiles and winks at me but lately he has open his wings for me to run into it and be embrace close to his heart.

When I share this with my fellow servant who says to dance mightily and daily before God said to me in writing:

“I will never believe of you as one in such a communion with God.” Worse yet, my fellow servant says:

“It is not Jesus but Satan who is whispering those lies on your ears”.   Now I ask myself this questions:

Who is a person to exercise the right to judge someone else's servant?
How dare a mere human being to give credit to Satan about the work of Jesus in my heart
Who is anyone to look down on God’s little ones?
Who can deny forgiveness and at the same time expect forgiveness from God?
Who dares to put back in the jail of guilt what Jesus has freed?
Where is the fear of the Lord?

God alone has the right to put back into jail the merciless guilty servant for being unmerciful and unforgiving. Please pray for the Lord's mercy on that poor, proud, and blind soul.

“Father forgive our debts as we forgive our debtors”

A true free man in Jesus warmly resting under his wins.
Yesterday I did not see a single human being all the day long yet I was in rich fellowship with my Lord. From the other side of the world where it's midnight in or noonday and the southern hemisphere where people live upside down I read and hear voices whispering loving words of encouragement. Praise be to our Lord who never walks away from us.

Gerry Gutierrez

First Thought Series of April 17, 15 Georgia