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Helping A Missionary To Deal With Gossip In A Church In Peru.
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The Jesus’ Revolution, Is In The Agreement Of Two Or Three.

April 18, 2015

The Jesus’ Revolution, is in the agreement of two or three.

“Just two of you listening and agreeing”.
“And the great I AM will be with you.”

Just like conversion to Jesus is a private matter between God and man; where a sinner becomes a saint through the reconciliation by listening to Jesus.

In the same way the reconciliation between two brothers is a delicate matter that should be dealt in the intimacy of two souls in search of peace in order to sleep not in anger.

The steps to reconciliation according to Jesus is the same of that of his Father who spoke in no uncertain terms in the mountain of transfiguration about the way to reconcile to God through Jesus. 

“This is my Son whom I love in him I am well pleased. LISTEN TO HIM”

To listen to Jesus is the way to reconciliation. In the same way, if our brother sins against us we must go to him to show his faults just between the two. If he listens to you, you have a won your brother over.

What does a man supposed to listen?
He must listen how he has cause pain to his brother. Just like God and man in Isaiah 1:18 “Now come and let us reason together”. In the same way come and convince your brother and make your case just the two of you till he listens to you.

That means if he agrees with you, you have won your brother over back to you. It might take all night long you to follow your brother up-and-down the stairs making your point.

The mouth of your brother may be closed. He may keep a tight lip like a child who refuses to take a spoonful of medicine.

The child presupposes that the medicine must taste bad. That will keep him from the benefits of the medicine. The same is with adults they find painful to listen and that is called pride.

But pride is a poison and it's the only poison that when you drink it will not kill you but will do so much good to you as medicine.

 Come and let us reason together.

Come and listen to Jesus. Come and listen to each other. Come on do not walk away from you brother. Come and sleep in peace. Come and do not let the sun go down in your anger. For if your brother listens to you, you will gain you brother back to the sweet fellowship, which is the inheritance of the saints on this Earth.

 Listen and agree just the two of you and wash your dirty laundry at home. Wash each other’s feet from the dust of the world that so easily entangles.
Keep it private, nobody wants or needs to see your dirty laundry. Do not murmur or gossip about your brother’s offenses.

Remember the beautiful Angel in heaven next to God who must have murmur to other Angeles against God to make his case and separate them from God. As a result he was cast away from the blessed presence of God down to Hell to this very day. Remember Eva who also was gossiping with the enemy of God and she was deceived and fell in sin.

In the Exodus account the people of God on their way to the Promised Land found offense against God and Moses. They began to murmur and gossip. As a result they provoked the wrath of God upon themselves and they were bitten by poisonous snakes and killed in the spot. They were saved only as in humble reliance and in a child like manner they put their trust in the snake of bronze provide as antidote from God. (Prototype of Jesus and the Cross-)

We are here in this world to do kingdom work commissioned by Jesus by gathering together. The work of Satan is to scatter by gossip that separates friends.

Jesus in this passage is appealing to our hearts like The Father did before him in the mountain of transfiguration for us to listen to Jesus. We are to listen to each other and agree with God and agree with each other just between the two of you. And the great I AM will be there.

Where two gather together in my name; I AM with them.
This is a world changing revolutionary principle of Jesus.

Once in agreement according Gad’s will, men have all things a prayer away.

Gerry Gutierrez

PS. I just received a call from Peru from an elder in the church who needs advice to deal with scandal and gossip. Thank you for your encouragement to keep writing.