Gerry & Julie Gutierrez' Update

A gift for you about the Gift of God. Glory to God in the Highest!
Happy Birthday dear Jesus





God loved.

God has given.

Love is in the given.

A gift is an expression of worth.

God gave his one and only son for us.

Worth is not what we may think of ourselves.

Worth is what God thinks and does for each of us.

We are from God for God and created to be loved by God.

May the worthy gift persuade us of our worth before God.

Make room for the gift wrapped in swaddling clothes.

Let the Royalty within us recognize God in Jesus.

The Royals from the East recognize Jesus.

They bow down and gave of their gifts.

More so the gift of their worship.

With all their heart and soul.

With all strength and mind.


The expression of worth from God to humanity is revealed in Jesus.

The Omnipotent lied down his gift in a manger.


“Unto us a child is given. Unto us a son is given”.

Jesus is our most precious gift.

Jesus was given to us.


Let the Royal breath of life hidden in our bodies bow down before the divine baby to give all that we have, all that we know, all that we can, mostly all that we are and worship him who became flesh for us all.


God is worthy of our worship.


Gerry Gutierrez.

PS. To you who wrote saying, “I feel like Royalty.” I say, “You are.”

I crafted a crown for your Highnesses, “Wear it with pride and honor.”