Gerry & Julie Gutierrez' Update

"Timothy was able to talk with Paul"
Thanks my friends: "I was able to talk to my mentor"

January 1, 2015

By God's grace we were able to talk in three languages with my mentor. Quechua, Spanish and English. He seem to very tired. We found ourselves singing in Quechua a farewell hymn. We laugh a little and wept a little and spoke from the heart in the oneness of Jesus just like forty four years ago.

I charge him for changing my name from Gerardo to Gerry with a "G" knowing that was a girl's name. He answered: "That is not my only transgression." I thank him from his mark in my life and the risks he took once to save my life driving me at midnight through police barricades that were looking for me dead or alive. (But never suspecting that in the back seat of the green Suburban of the Mission there was a man on the floor whose heart was pumping fast).

Today Hugh keep saying "Gracias" "Gracias". (Thank you. thank you). I was intrigued that I boldly ask him why Gracias? He replayed "For your testimony". I was dumbfounded.

I call him to thank him and encourage him...but it was he who encouraged me and thanked me as from the beginning of our relationship. In a time when I am loosing those that I love to death, to rejection and betrayal, it is good to know that those who know you best still think the best of you. I loved that man and he will leave a big vacuum in my heart.

You might appreciate knowing the intimacy of our conversation when I ask him, tell me what the Lord put in your heart for me: "Only the words of Knox: "Scotland is tired of me and I am tired of Scotland". (He is just tired and needs to rest from his labor.

Some how I understood it all and I agree within myself that we must never settle for any servant but for the master alone. We should go only so far and no farther. Only Jesus is sufficiency for sheep and shepherd and our rest has been fully paid in the cross. 

I would have like to report of my year end activities when I claim the Andes again last month and finally ordained the Elders and Deacons and left behind a Session in Huanta. That I baptized many and married some and served communion, preached and make many decisions alone with Nathaniel. But some how that is not what we are all about at the end of our lives.

We are all about relationship primarily. Task will and has always happened as a result of the great Commandment and not as a result of the Great Commision. In fact the only way to obey the great commission is by obeying the Great Commandment. It would be hypocritical to try to accomplish the Great Commision without  the Great Commandment. 

Dear friends I am attaching a small note that I received today as an answer to my previous letter and I hope you find the timing of this letter very much from the Lord. Please click in the link and you will find writings that I did not know it existed.

Lonelier by the day but sustained by Jesus' grace alone.

Gerry Gutierrez

Always good to hear from you, Gerry!

I looked up Hugh Powlison on the internet and was delighted to find the story of your coming to Christ here:

Wow!  Those were some pretty scary days in your life!  So glad that God saved you!  Praying for you as you will miss your dear friend.

PS. Should my mentor recuperate enough I would like to go to see him and hold his hands and just to be with him.