Gerry & Julie Gutierrez' Update

The Turtles Murmur And The Lamb Is Silent

January 26, 2015

When I was growing up I had all kinds of turtles like fast arrows and speeding bullets. One thing I have learned from my turtles is that whenever they feel threatened or afraid they just get their head and legs inside their shell and stay still.

The only way to make them move and see their head is by scratching their shell behind.

I have the feeling that I am like my turtles in a defensive mode. I am in need for a back scratch and renew trust and confidence.

According a Sermon I just heard last Sunday, I think I am becoming a little impatient with my circumstances and when that happens one get inside oneself and murmurs.

What I am finding convicting from the Sermon is that it was the sin of murmuring that made the people of God come under the Wrath of God and they were bitten by poisonous serpents and they died unless they would look at a bronze serpent on a cross, provided by God. “A look of faith was the only antidote” that would save them. Murmuring becomes gossip and gossip separates friends.

When people get impatient with the will of God. They murmur and are unable to recognize the goodness and the provisions for their needs and in ungratefulness and discontentment they murmur and thus they are bitten by the wrath of God.

Murmuring is not as innocent as it looks at first glance. It is a serious sin that even Eve in her state of purity and perfection was not free from its power. She was murmuring and gossiping with the ancient serpent against God, ungratefully ignoring all the provision of God and wanting the one thing that was prohibited to her.

In both and all cases God is faithful to provide the antidote for salvation in the one and only savior our Lord Jesus.

Throughout the generations we have offended God and each other by ignoring the love and provisions provide for us and our murmurings and gossiping and bringing against our self the curse of the poisonous biting of the serpent of old.

Miriam and Aaron murmured against the servant of God Moses and God punished them with leprosy; because an offense to a servant of God is and offense to God himself.

Only looking onto Jesus will save us as looking into the serpent in the wilderness was the only thing that would save the people from the serpents bite.

Look to the cross as soldiers in battle look to the flag and are encouraged to go forward. Honor the National Anthem by remembering the words “And the flag was still there”. Act truly as from the Land of the free and the home of the brave.

From all created things the gift of speech is only given to man. Yet it has been widely abused and believers are no strangers to this sin.  We are in urgent need to be touched in our lips with the burning coals from a Seraph sent from heaven.

It is not right for blessings and curses to come from the same mouth. Dear Lord purify us afresh so we can be free only to lift the name of Jesus high enough that people bitten by sin may look to Jesus and be save from your wrath.

Thanking God for being a partaker of eternal life that the bit of the servant will not last but a moment because of Jesus our SAVIOR.

Looking unto Jesus.

Gerry “G”

Gerry Gutierrez