Gerry & Julie Gutierrez' Update

Most Urgent Prayer Request!

March 26, 2015

Dear Friends,

My son Caleb's and Kelly's little boy Josiah is in need of your intercessory power in the name of Jesus. Would you please agree with us and pray for healing according the request attached to this picture from Caleb? I would be most thankful to you.


Hey family, 

Josiah has been very sick for the last few weeks and especially these last few days, coughing violently, unable to sleep because he can't breath, an ear infection, bronchial infection and fever 105.6. The doctor gave him some strong breathing treatment followed by a steroidal treatment. The doctor told us that this was last option before he would need to be admitted to the hospital and potentially have to stay for a couple days. The treatment didn't help and Josiah has been coughing even harder, to the point of gagging with little relief. He has very audible inspiratory and expiratory wheezing, a lot more audible than some very  sick patients I've had. When went back to the doctor today they rushed him into the back because they saw he was struggling to breath. After 6 members of the staff including two doctors examined Josiah and gave him a double dose of breathing treatments they saw his oxygen levels were still very low and told us he needed to be in the ER right away. They were considering calling for an ambulance, but since the hospital was just a couple blocks away we were able to take him ourselves. We are at the hospital now waiting to get X-Rays to see if he has pneumonia.

Please pray that the Lord may be gracious Him as he has not been able to sleep and neither have we. We are starting to get sick ourselves.