Gerry & Julie Gutierrez' Update

Once Again...All Things Are A Prayer Away For Those Who Believe!!!

March 27, 2015


My dearest Friends,

This message was posted last night after midnight ....But the next message is just few minutes old and I can not wait to share with you my praying friends a reason to praise the Lord afresh. Thank you my truly faithful friends for interceding on behalf of Caleb, Kelly and Josiah Luther Gutierrez a child of the Covenant.

Let us sing together what I have been singing since I receive the good news of the answer to you prayers.
O the deep, deep love of Jesus (with lyrics) - YouTube
Generational Hymns Live with Tommy Walker. Live from the Community Bible Church and Christian Assembly, by Lifewayworship.

With much love and gratitude;

Gerry Gutierrez

Josiah has just finished 2hr of breathing treatment and 1.5hr of oxygen. He's starting to look a little better and his lungs are getting some oxygen but not enough. So we are going to be admitted so they can continue treatments and observations. Thanks for your prayers

On Thursday, March 26, 2015, Alicia Gutierrez wrote:

I just got these emails and texted Caleb. His phone is almost out of battery so he asked me to pass this along. 


From Caleb:

"He was negative for pneumonia. But his lungs are closed and blocked. They gave him an hour breathing treatment of albuterol which is the mildest bronchodilator, combined which an even stronger steroid than before.  At the end of the treatment Josiah became very flushed and started panicking and throwing off the tubes. 

He's gone back into a full blow fever. He had to have 45 mins of oxygen and now we are in round two of another 1hr of albuterol probably followed by oxygen again because he can't maintain this oxygen saturation on his own. 

Thanks for the prayers. We are super thankful Josiah is being amazing for the doctors." (Josiah was rushed to the ER and is now hospitalized).

Now Kelly with the latest News from Tacoma WA.

Making progress with Honey Nut! Wanting to eat and taking time for it is one of those big blessings! Keep praying, he's still not able to keep up the high count of oxygen saturation that he needs to go home. He's such a sweet boy saying "thank you" and "no thank you " to nurses and even requesting his favorite OtterPop color "bew" Caleb and I are in love with this little tiger.