Gerry & Julie Gutierrez' Update


I hope and Pray this article encourages you.

To cry out. All things are a prayer away!

“Truth is more important than convenience

(Because of my radical views on Prayer I have been silenced for Forty days)

First Thought on January 22, 2016. Georgia.


“I am a man of peace, but when I speak they are for war.” Psalm120:7.

“People say, “It is nice to be important but it is more important to be nice.”

“I know a very nice man whom everyone can’t help it but to like Him.”

“I know another man who is not as nice but has true friends and true enemies.”

The first one does not take risks on matters of friendship and relationship.

He says “Familiarity breeds contempt” and he keeps people at arms length.

But the second is a risk taker and you get from him what you see, no secrets. 

It is true that “risk takers do not live long, but the cautious do not live at all.”

Truth may make you uncomfortable, but it’s more important than convenience.


Fear and shame will keep you like Adam and Eve hiding and looking for cover.

Today behind the trees tomorrow among the bushes covered with fig leafs.

I love fellowshipping at the cool of the day more than life and convenience. 

I love the light of the sun, but I love more Jesus the light of the world, Son of God.

Liking or disliking is just a matter of take it or leave it, and pain is not involved.

But when you love, there is no option; you cannot walk away without much agony.  


A good shepherd gives his life for the sheep.  But a hired hand abandons the sheep.

This world is a world of sheep and wolves, goats and coyotes, bears, lions, & hyenas. 

Sheep are the most helpless of the bunch.  Sheep are in need of care not instructions.

The sheep’s confession of faith is not “The Lord is my preacher, I shall not fear.” 

Their confession and creed is “The Lord is my shepherd and I shall not be afraid.”

Predators are equipped with claws, teeth, horns, beaks, and poisonous stings.

Predators are self-reliant and very independent, self-feeding and self-preserving.

Sheep are not equipped to be independent, self-feeding or self-preserving.

Sheep are in constant need of outside help. They are helpless without caregivers.


But to the glory of God sheep as well as believers are equipped with the most powerful force in the all Universe.  That power is Prayer or crying out loud!

And just as the shepherd runs to their aid with staff in hand, so does prayer of believers cause God’s powerful intervention at all cost including his own life.


The irony of crying and praying is a double-edged sword that cuts both ways.

It calls also the attention of predators near by seeking whom to devour. 

The counsel of the wise is to stay in silence as more convenient than the truth. 

But what about the hunger of the sheep and the hunger of the little baby lamb? 

The sheep and the lamb cry out because she is hungry and her milk is drying. 

Sheep cry for friends knowing that they may attract, predators and robbers. 


“As the deer pants for the waters, so my soul pants for God. ”I have to pray and cry”

It may cost my life.  It may cause my enemies to cook my kid with my own milk. 

I must pray!  I must cry out! Beware believers that if you choose by faith to pray, you will see the forces of Hell unleash their fury to silence you in every way.

Just remember that greater forces will come to your aid from Heaven on your behalf.  Be true to yourself, keep your conscience clear is more important than convenience. 


You will hear voices at both sides of your shoulders right into both of your ears.

To “Shut up! Or To Pray! That is the question that will define you and describe you.

What you choose to believe will determine your life and that of your descendants.


One early winter morning, as the sun was rising in the horizon over the beautiful snow covered plains of Russia, a peasant was following his small herd of cows.

He saw a little bird, which had fallen from the nest.  The peasant had compassion and decided to pick it up and warm the little bird by wrapping him with dry leaves and digging a hold with a stick in his cow’s dung freshly evacuated and warmly steaming.


The little bird was so happy that it began to sing and sing and sing! (Prayer)

Near by a hungry fox heard the little praying-singing bird that came and ate him. 

The moral of the story was, “When you are deep in crocodile shut up, don’t sing.”

But what about our point? “Being true to self is more important than convenience.”


Well, we come into this world to die.  We were not consulted and no one asked our permission in order to be born. In the same way we are not asked our permission when to die and how or where. We all have to die and go the way of all flesh.


The most important thing is not the length of hours, days or years on Earth. 

The important thing is our eternal destiny.  That is beyond our jurisdiction and even the scope of our imagination or understanding let alone of our feeble control.


Remember, there is an absolute Sovereign God and the word option is just a myth. 

It is just a word. God is the blessed controller of all things and he knows the number of your hairs and knows when a little bird falls from the nest.  For God we are more important than many sparrows.  Stand for the truth, for the truth is a person while convenience is not.  Say with Job “Even if he kills me I will trust in Him”. 


Pray.  Pray and Pray. Cry, Cry and Cry!


Then your death however insignificant or short will have the weight of a Mountain or choose convenience and your death will weight as a hummingbird’s feather.


Ignore the Jaws of death for they it’s toothless and its is not a police dragging you to court but actually death is an escort opening the door to our father’s house where there are many mansions and will sing and sing without fear of foxes or predators.


Gerry Gutierrez.