Gerry Gutierrez' Update

“The Prophecy for election Day?”


God speaks just as loud with the echo of his voice, as two thousand years ago.

“The race is not is not of the swift nor the battle of the strong, victory is of the Lord”.


Sunday Nov. 06, 2016. GA.


(Under the umbrella of the First Amendment I am sharing some thoughts from the shadow on my present situation)


The time has come for prophets to stand up as Ezekiel stood up in the gap between God and Men. Prophecy is not guessing the future with a fifty-fifty chance and help of polls. Pray and play. Pray and prophesy. What is the mind of God in this matter?


This is God’s world, what the people say, do, or even think is not as important as what God thinks, says and wills. Therefore prophecy is not to guess the future, but to set the future with the mind of Jesus. Venture by faith to say; “It shall be so and in no other way.” “The pulpit leads the world”. The mind of God has been revealed in Jesus. The Canon is closed.


Jesus said that in the third day after his death by crucifixion, He would rise from the dead. So it was written and so it was done, so it came to pass for his glory. It was prophecy to be so and no other way. We are in darkness, but we have the light of God.


Our Lord has placed us on Earth equipped with the infallible word of God and has overshadowed us with his Holy Spirit in order to develop within us the mind of Jesus which is also the mind of God revealed through him.


The life of God within us is also the light of God within us. God has not left us to walk in darkness, neither has he left us to be guided by the blind of the world.

If we have the personal knowledge of God and his Son, we have room for the Holy Spirit to live naturally the supernatural life of God within that makes us different.


Our knowledge of God in Jesus by Grace, and the presence of the Holy Spirit of God, should be the means and credentials of our ministry of service to his glory.


At this time of our lives we should not be in the roller coaster of the media or the polls and circumstances around the election as if we need them more than the voice and mind of God on earthly matters. 


God loves sinners and often uses the worse of sinners to perform his work among the self-righteous. So the glory may be his and his alone.  Paul was not only a chief of sinners, but he was an active persecutor and an enemy of God.  I know that, because I also was one.  “It takes one to know one.”


Men rejected Jesus, but he became the cornerstone. God builds with what man rejects. There were two deplorable men who were crucified next to Jesus.


One of them to the last hour of his life mocked Jesus and died in his sins as the result of his crimes and justice prevailed. 


The other thief acknowledged his sins and accepted his responsibility as deserving to be killed as a result of his sins according to the law of the land.

Furthermore, he stood up for Jesus and defended his innocence and integrity.


The last words of a dying man must never be overlooked;  The man said to Jesus.

“Jesus remember me when you come into your kingdom.”


This thief was a God fearing man. Nevertheless he was the typical believer in name only with saved soul but wasted life. If there was a thief, worth admiring, he was one.  He literally stole salvation even at his death.  “Grand theft Paradise”


Both men were thieves, but one worked in his profession all the way to the end.


The other one was lazy and was used to living by the easy way of robbing people. That lifestyle generated a personality of a shameless cynic who no longer blushed. He saw others including Jesus in need of salvation but never saw his sins as the other repentant thief did.


I wonder about the children of these two thieves.  The acorn does not fall far from the oak tree.  Children know their parents best except the spouse. Spouses that agree to sin are beyond the reach of salvation like Ananias and Sapphira.


Look at the children and you will look at the parents. As someone said, “You cannot fake children.” “Children are the credential to parents.” “As Jesus is the credential of God. As the believer is the credentials of Jesus who called us to be his witness and testify about him.


I cannot and I will not vote for one the candidates, the reason being is her conviction and admission; “I have never lied.”

That, by itself, makes her the only human being next to Jesus who has never lied.

She is in conflict is with Scripture that Says; “There is no one good, not even one.”


It is the will of God for me to cast my vote for a fellow sinner, who stands for the defenseless unborn and Law and Order, Acknowledges God and his sins. A tireless hard working man who has fallen but did not stay on the ground making mud out of life but goes on forgiven and supported by his wife and children.


God loves repentant sinners. Without sinner, God is like a baker without dough to make bread. From what we know of God, there must not be any doubt that the sovereign God will prevail by not allowing Mrs. Clinton being elected as President.


If it were not for life that begins at conception, preceded by predestination and followed by the social life of the unborn who hears what the mothers hears and speaks with the mother's mouth as in the case of Jesus and John the Baptist and Mary and Elizabeth; I would tend to see life purely at the sensual level.


But as is, life belongs to God and therefore sacred, precious and holy.


The aspect of sexual pleasure it's a bonus but not the objective of the productive organs. Procreation and to fill the earth and subdue it, was God's purpose for men as he build his kingdom with people.


The pro-choice movement is a movement that has already made their choice.
 Mrs. Clinton knows that when the heart stops beating, the person is dead. In the same way she also knows that when the heart starts pounding, a person is alive.


It is a criminal act to stop a beating heart. It is a greater crime to institutionalize the evil of abortion, in exchange to please people to be elected and become richer and powerful.


There is no life, love, grace, mercy or tenderness involved in terminating life.


A man or a woman who seeks to please people cannot at the same time please God. A servant pleases his or her master. Mrs. Clinton is not a servant of God.


But God is a sovereign God and he will raise a champion for the unborn.

The will of God and the desires of the heart of the believer are only a prayer away. Let us kneel down in prayer and ask God to show himself full of grace for the sake of the beautiful Gabriellas, Katherines, Esther's, Rachel's, Lilias, Morgans, Windolyns, Deborahs, and Graces of the world by stopping wrong people to reach power.


We want a future without the presence of the Herod's who hate Jesus and life.

Let us pray, "Your kingdom come and your will be done on earth as it is done in heaven". The Clinton family will not return to the White House ever again, in the name of Jesus. Amen.


Gerry Gutierrez.


PS I will sleep like this new born baby, trusting in the Sovereignty of God tonight that always prevails.