Gerry Gutierrez' Update

True strength in the spirit is needed

for the service of God.

John and Jesus grew in the strength of the Holy Spirit as preparation for service.

November 8, 2016. 06:00 AM. Georgia. Election Day.

“And the child grew and became strong in spirit and he lived in the desert until he appear publicly to Israel". Luke 1:80

Lonely people chosen by God are without option but to became strong in the spirit for a short time of public service to God’s people. John and Jesus were silent most of their lives but for a short time of public life. Never mind the length of service to God. The Lord is interested more in the quality of service than the quantity of service.

The thief on the cross, who was saved by Jesus, was saved by a personal promise of Jesus, “Today you will be with me in paradise”. That thief did not have any time left in life to serve Jesus according any human to standers of service. 

Nevertheless, this thief became a witness of Jesus and his love, grace and compassion at being the only human being who for sure went to heaven with Jesus the very same day of his death. This thief more than any other professional witness of Jesus, testifies, that salvation is by grace, repentance through faith and a prayer away.

Now we all can say, “Salvation is of the Lord”. Salvation is by grace, through Faith, not by works so no one should boast. The unwritten story of the dying thief is just as great and clear to give hope to the worst of sinners.

“Today you will be with me in paradise.”

When Jesus said those words to that dying thief, it's easy to imagine Jesus going back home to heaven and arriving there in the presence of a cloud of witnesses looking at the triumphant hero with his first trophy in his hands. “A 100% thief.”

Much like David with the half dead little lamb under his arms just snatched away from the mouth of a ferocious lion dead at the distance with a broken jaw.

Not so much like David who decapitated Goliath who took the bloody head of Goliath to exhibit as a trophy at the door of his tend. To be admired?

Not like David in that sense, but Jesus with a little lamb robbed and bitten by the snake of old who is always trying to steal God of his glory from the beginning.

The first thief in the history of the universe taught Eve how to steal from God what was not of her in the garden, thus falling in disgrace.

Jesus’ first promise to Eve came the moment she fell in sin. “

He will crash your head and you will strike his heel”.

Saints of the Lord, “Behold a serpent of the distance still twisting its body but with smashed and decapitated head for ever. Behold yourself in the arms of Jesus securely and surely entering heaven by grace. Works does not save us, so no one can boast of glory. Remember to pray, “ Your kingdom come. Your will be done. Yours is the Kingdom, and the Power and the Glory forever and ever. Amen. May the Lord’s will be done today in the election of the thief of his choice.

Gerry Gutierrez.


PS. "Like a bullock in front of the altar, ready to plow, ready to be sacrificed. Ready for either"