Gerry Gutierrez' Update

“Standing a spit and mud away from

Jesus the eye doctor.”

October 23, 16 Georgia.

John Rug was one of my best friends in Seminary. John is blind, but we both share the same vision for Jesus. John and I used to run together in the soccer field as fast and as long as we wanted to.

In the mist of laughter in a childlike way, we did not hold hands so not to give funny impressions to other people, but we both held either end of a rod. Thus we had the fellowship of the rod. The rod made out of the other an extension of self.

John is brilliant in the things of the Lord. John knows how to make God in Jesus visible. Once, John shared with me his desire to see. I believe in miracles and started thinking, praying and asking myself "why not"?

Now, John and I stand at the distance of a spit from Jesus "the mud eye doctor". I have no question that John and I belong to the kingdom of God, because we have been born again and have seen the beauty of Jesus and his love and grace clearly. John and I testified to what we have seen. Our testimony is true. We both believe in Jesus and have eternal life.

By the way, eternal life is not an endless existence or life without end. Eternal life is a quality of life, radically perfect without the hindrance of sin, whereby, time is no longer relevant, but the endless knowledge of God and truth in its true depth, height, length and width. In this new life of perfection, life will be full of joy and motivation keeping us with an ever-fresh sense of worshipping predisposition that will make out of eternity not long enough to adore God properly.

But for those who rejected Jesus, the Son of God, they will not see the light of God, because the wrath of God remains on them.

John and I belong to the kingdom of light, thanks to the fact that, Jesus has removed the wrath of God from our lives, Jesus, the Lamb of God who takes away the sins of the world.

We are of Jesus and we do not belong to ourselves. The darkness of which the Scripture speaks is something worse than blindness. It has to do with the wrath of God that has not been removed from the life of those who rejected Jesus.

In those who are believers by name only, God cannot be present. This true is just as relevant as light and darkness cannot be together in the same place at the same time.

Salvation and being able to see the kingdom of God is not an acquired taste. Nor is it a mastered skill. Salvation is a changed nature by rebirth; whereby the life of God dwells in Man through Jesus. We no longer are of ourselves but we are his sons, and once sons of God, sons of God forever.
So, weather you close your eyes or open your eyes, you are his sons forever. 

Whether you sleep or are awake, your status before God does not change. Either under anesthesia or out of anesthesia you are his. Blind or disfigured you are a citizen of the kingdom of God, yes, away from darkness, away from the wrath of God.

Jesus says to us today, "Fear not little flock, believe in God, believe also in me, in my Father’s house there are many mansions, if it were not so I would have told you. I go to prepare a place for you".
From a corner of the valley of shadows, as I wait for healing as a result of your prayers and the intercessory prayers of Jesus, I want us to step out of the shade and let us pray together in agreement for all of us at the same time.

"Your kingdom come and your will be done on earth as it is in heaven"

As the Election Day in America approaches, it is good to remember that America is still the leader of the world. Authority and leadership are inventions of God.
Leadership is not an option to take it or leave it. "We are our brothers keepers and we must not wash our hands and avoid voting".

We need to vote our conscience. Pilot washed his hands, but remained just as dirty as ever or even worse than before. Pray and vote and see the hand of the Lord.
Choose Barabbas or Jesus but you must choose.
Choose the narrow or the wide road, but choose.
Choose the left or the right but choose.
Choose for the sake of your children who cannot choose.

The children of Eve did not cast their vote, but mother Eve did choose for us. Choose better if you can, but choose. Do not say like in the times of Ezekiel "The parents eat sour grapes, and the children's teeth are set on edge". Choose, so you do not blame anyone but you. There is no room for luke-warmness, be cold or be hot. The left or the right of the cross, no matter, they both were thieves anyway.

After you have chosen, pray all the harder for God to honor you faith in him and not in any candidate. Cursed is the man who trusts another man. While you choose a candidate, your confidence should rest not on flesh. Let the Lord rule and over-rule sovereignly. Test God in this and see how sovereign is the Lord. 

Let the mind of Jesus lead you at the moment you cast your vote. You will come to know yourself and God a little bit more as a result. It's okay to ask WWJD “What Would Jesus Do”? And do it. If you cannot choose, then pray with all your heart, soul, strength and mind.

"Your kingdom come".

Pray for Jesus to come. Now might be a good time for him to come.
When the eyes are not a distraction, faith takes over just the same.

My left eye is completely blurry but light is not absent. Thank you for your encouraging notes. Together in agreement we will have the answer to our prayers. Your faithful friendship has made me feel rich again. Blessings!

The beauty of God's will is that, it comes to pass and it prevails regardless of any other will. The will of God is grounded on predestination, anchored on the sovereignty of God and securely fastened in the immutability of God.
If by the sword you are to die, by the sword you shall die.
If to captivity you are to go, to captivity you shall go. It shall be so and in no other way.

It is not only salvation that is predestined, but also every aspect of our lives so we can rest assured in the justice of God's word that, heaven and earth might pass away, but the word of God will never pass away.

It is for the glory of God that we are what we are, and that by God's grace alone.

Gerry Gutierrez.

Hospital! under Nathaniel's care.


Coming back home from Hospital!


Reception at home.