Gerry Gutierrez' Update


Rusted Hinges, Cobwebs And Weeds On The Way.

To my brothers and friends in the Faith, who are scattered around the world, greetings in Jesus.

This morning I decided to open a special door to a short path that leads to your “houses”.

As I open the door, I heard the noise of the rusted hinges of my door and I felt the cobwebs on my face as I took my first steps toward your house. I also saw that weeds have grown on the path all the way to your house’s footsteps. There has not been traffic on this path for a while, though the fellowship of the saints is our inheritance on this earth.

I'm ashamed not to have come to you sooner. I'm wondering if the welcome mat is still in the same place to wipe my feet of the dusty offenses before I enter into your house. I will knock at your door today, hoping that you have forgotten “the one hundred denarii’s” I owe you.

It's been over five years since our Ruthie left me totally alone in a strange land with the strange people with strange language to testify as she did in my country. Ever since then, my life has been like taking a cruiser of self pity and I have been traveling around the world preaching and teaching and scouting the land to see how we can possess it in our generation.

Three years ago I preached my last sermon in Lancaster and I have been silence ever since as if someone has robbed me of speech. The unchangeable Sovereign grace and love of God, plus the loving words of some of you have sustained me during the last years; words such as "do not be a stranger now, you hear?"

Instead of taking your open invitation and coming to you I have instead kept my distance. I have managed to alienate myself from you by writings with blurred vision. I thought to have a special dispensation from you as a widower and the benefit of the doubt over me in all things; because of the crushing weight of my wife's departure and absence. Now my needs of fellowship have increased due to recent events beyond my control that I am in need to rebuild my life.

Jesus said, "You love me, because I have loved you first". I have not been like Jesus in not humbly coming to you first and give you no option but to love me back. Today I'm coming in the hope of renewing fellowship again in Jesus. I can't live without that fellowship on this side of heaven. I have been as hungry as Jesus, who one morning in Bethany went to feed his hunger in a near by fig three but found no figs to eat but only leaves.

The latest events of my life have driven me back to a closer walk with God by faith in prayer to dwell in the word of God seeking full alignment with him. It's in this spirit that I'll resume shining for Jesus. My face and heart bear the scars of Jesus, but like the moon which is full of scars shines just the same the glory of the sun, so I pray and hope the Lord lets me shine for him and for his glory one more time. I plan to go back to the pulpit by pen, persuasion, prayer and proclamation lifting Jesus and him crucified. Bear with me one more time before I die, to write to you short insights as food for prayer that I've been hearing from the Lord in the cool of the day.

I am where I am by the strong hand of God and under his predestined and prevailing will.

Beginning with this letter, I intent to live life as if someone has left the gates open.

I have run out of excuses and I will send you the cream of my seventy years of thinking without hindrance. Please give me your attention at least for the next twelve months. I will be seventy this year and I have granted myself the right to write to you what is in my heart on how we can change the world in our generation. I am no longer afraid to embarrass anyone but myself. 

Yours, in the unity of Jesus as if I was you.

Gerry Gutierrez.

Georgia, Sep. 05 2016