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Sept 18, 2016. GA

           Beware of Cold-Shouldering Jesus and doing your own thing.

Matthew 22:1-14.


The experts say that most of communication is non-verbal but body language.


Even Francis of Assisi said, “Preach the Gospel at all times; use words only if it is absolutely necessary.” When this man was in Calcutta to visit Mother Teresa’s Center for the dying, he could see with his own eyes that the time for words was gone for most of those people.


A gesture of love and compassion, an eye contact, a touch to their body, and a little attention was most welcome to them.


Mother Teresa would bring them from the streets, from the garbage hill with flies planting eggs on their open mouths, with dogs licking old wounds, the dying would then be cleaned up and placed in a small bed with clean sheets to die with some dignity, sometimes the very same day.


As Mother Teresa managed to feed some warm soup to the dying and prepared to leave to attend to the next patient, the skin and bones man had enough energy to grab Mother Teresa’s hand and to make eye contact long enough to say, from way deep into his heart the works, “Thank you”!


Mother Teresa would say later said, “I just went to help him a little,” but his words helped her more than he will ever know. The words of a grateful heart go farther than any effort to pay back. There is power in those two words “Thank you.” It is also true that those words are always “Welcome” by anyone and anywhere.


God is perfect, complete, powerful, omnipotent, omniscient, Holy, pure, almighty; he is also LOVE. God does not need anything, as a human is in need of many things. But He generously invites many to a banquet of His own making, where no one has to bring anything but himself and a big appetite.


In a display of the purest kind of love, generosity, and goodness He has prepared an out-of-this-world gourd-made meal with everything on the table and nothing missing. It is a meal in honor of his beloved Son whom He loves and with whom He is well pleased that He has done this thing. “Listen to Him.”


The great banquet is ready, but the invited guests refused to come.

This mighty King humbles Himself and sends his servants again and again to bring them to fellowship with Him and His Son, but they pay no attention!

Attention is like taxes. You must pay taxes to which taxes are due.


The King is the Lord of the Land and the life of the people and all their wealth. Not to pay taxes is not only a passive-aggressive action as it may look like at first sight.

No. Not to pay taxes is like not to pay rent or not to pay the bill in the restaurant for the food that is now in your stomach. If you walk away without paying you bill, it is an act of robbery, a grand theft because it is what belongs to the King.


God is the giver of life and time. How one spends his time is how one spends his life. One tenth of that time already belongs exclusively to God. The remaining ninety percent is also His’, but man is only a steward and servant of God over it.


The people of this passage do not paid ATTENTION!! They refuse to go and paid their respect to God and his Son! They gave God a cold shoulder.


By the way, do you know that you have been invited to the covenant tent of God for a banquet? Do you know that you do not have to contribute anything to the meal? Have you willingly and gratefully gone to enjoy the banquet by the grace, the goodness and generosity of God that it has not cost you a thing?

Perhaps you have rejected again and again and preferred to do you own business and walk away in your heart in bitterness and violence to the servants of God and his own Son?


If so, you have paid no attention to God.


The Lord was enraged with those people and He is the same yesterday, today, and forever. He will not have for innocent the guilty. Beware of the wrath of God!


Perhaps you are of the second wave of guests and have entered into the wedding, but your heart is not in the wedding spirit. Then you have not been chosen, but have invited yourself. In their excitement with the wedding banquet, the servants may have not noticed you at the door. They may have overlooked your unworthiness, but the eyes of the righteous King, who is wise and fair, have seen it all. Nothing escapes His scrutiny and He has noticed you.


In the spirit of the wedding banquet, He approaches and calls, “Friend, how did you get here without wedding clothes?” You may be even wearing a white gown, but you are not wearing the gown of righteousness of the Lord Jesus. Your silence will be your admission of guilt; because before the Lord who knows it all, you can only say, “Woe is me.”


You may have fooled the servant, but you are not going to fool God. Before the bad apple spoils the whole basket, drastic measures are taken at the order of God the Father Himself.

He has faked it and He has made it all the way into the banquet hall. This man has been dubious, and to the dubious, God is shrewd.

“Tie him hand and foot, and throw him outside into the darkness, where there will be weeping and gnashing of teeth.

“For many are invited, but few are chosen.”

Have you been invited or have you invited yourself?

Have you been chosen or have you chosen the counsel of your own will?


If that is the case, then what have you done is not right in the eyes of God. You do not belong to the wedding party. You have offended God and come with falsehood. Even your clothing speaks about what is in your heart.


You have deceived the servants of the King and offended His beloved Son. You may have sweet-talked you way all the way here, but you will not deceive God. This is in the hand of God, who said, “Vengeance is mine; I will repay.”


You sin was not paying attention to the Voice of God that has led you to this crime of deception. God pays attention to one and all of His creatures. You have been found lacking in integrity without which no one can enter and stay at the wedding banquet of the Lord. You may have been invited or may have invited yourself, but you have not been chosen.


Jesus’ Acorn.

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Gerry Gutierrez.

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