Gerry Gutierrez' Update

The patriarch of all sins.

This is the third month of my Jubilee and I'm feeling generous by selling two (meditations) gallons of oil for the price of one. Let us learn to be thankful even for our sins. Sep. 23, 2016. GA.

  "Preparing our minds to take Prayer with great excitement
as the mean to change the world."

  WARNING: Do not take God for granted.


The origin of sin can be traced to the rebellious Angel who took God for granted by stopping his life of prayer and worship to God in loyal obedience and faithfulness.

Should the Angel continued in loyal and faithful prayer and adoration to God, he would have not had time to get involved in gossip against God with the other angels plotting a take over.  


This Angel had a bullish influence over the other angels because of his proximity to God in seeming intimacy as Judas to Jesus.


How could a perfect being conceived such evil desires? You might ask.  When one is without sin and has not experience the love of God in forgiveness and redemption, one does not owe much therefore one does not love much. But to whom much is forgiven, loves much.


The Angel, who took God for granted, developed easily a self-righteous attitude and a desire for independence in order to exercise control as an act of robbery from the Sovereignty of God.


Lucifer did not have the blessed reason that redeemed man had and that is to have been forgiven and purchased in love at great price.


To Lucifer the word gratitude did not existed in his vocabulary. He took the love of God for granted and knowing that God is Love, he said to himself, God has no choice but to love me and I am not afraid of anything.


I am God’s blue eye boy and I am his preferred one and he will put up with me because I am beautiful, strong and able. Armed with that kind of rezoning and his relative success over other angels of lower rank, Lucifer started his rebellion and pursued to have that which is of God alone; worship, homage, adoration, obedience, service and prayer to his name.


God in his all wise, sovereign and permissive will, allows Lucifer’s plot to develop and his cup of iniquity fill on the path in self destruction. This indeed is “the greatest wrong”, which in God’s sovereignty become the “Greatest Good ever for men”.  Because of the rebellion, God puts his house in order and places Satan in hell along with his hypocrite friends. But he separates in his mind the elect to be saved.


God also allows the serpent to make Adam and Eve to fall in sin only to redeem them at the great price of His Sons’ own life and blood.


Thus God builds a generation of people whose first new word in their minds and hearts was Gratitude. While gratitude is a self-propelled engine by love, the faithful angels also learned a new work in their vocabulary, that would keep them faithful and never taking again God for granted. That word was “ God is Just”. And the fear of God was born in their hearts and will no longer if ever be prompt to wander from the love of God. The greater good is in the mind of God as his secrets, which man fails to see under the Sun at first sight.


Eternal life is a long time to live in constant prayer and worship and in faithful adoration and motivation, unless you have a reason, and that is gratitude for undeserving grace in Jesus.


As is now, eternity will not be long enough to love God in constant an ever fresh love motivated by the memory obtain on earth in the love of God in Christ Jesus our Lord. Remember that, nothing goes through to the custom of heaven, not even you tattoos, except memory. Abraham to Rich man in Hell; “Remember son when you were on earth you had good times and Lazarus bad times and now you are tormented and Lazarus is comforted. “Memory does not die.”


This is a weekend sale from the Oilman of God, two gallons of Oil for the price of one. Let us pray to make Prayer the most exciting thing ever.

Visiting Mother Teresa's tomb in Calcutta.

The Oil of prayer, keeps from taking God for granted.


      Matthew 25: 11 to 13. Sep. 23, 2016.


       To open the door? No way.


When Jesus came to visit earth he went to his fathers house to meet those who were in prayer so he might know them as Adam knew Eve.


Jesus is the husband of the church and the church is his wife.

Jesus will open the door to the kingdom of God, only to those with whom he was one on earth. To be known by God is more important than professing to know him. Because a man is not what he said to believe but what he really believes.


After the wise virgins enter into heaven, the door is closed.

Later the other foolish virgins also came at the door saying,

“Sir, Sir”, they said “Open the door for us.”

That was indeed a prayer. But this prayer is outside to an already close door. Jesus who knew the voice of his sheep does not recognize the voices outside the door.


In true truthfulness Jesus seems to say, this is a fact and the truth that you must deal with. “I tell you the truth, I do not know you”.


Pleading and praying is over, preaching is over, calling to come to Jesus is over, counseling is over, Jesus seems to say; you took me for granted and you did not gather oil when you could to watch for me, depart from me a place designed for hypocrites.


The lovely message of the Gospel for us today is still just a prayer away for the waiting and watching the arrival of the bridegroom.

Mean while, pray and play, pray and play and pray a little longer to gather enough oil for the long night. Because you do not know the day or the hour when Jesus is to return. 


From your oil salesman of Prayer, two short meditations.

Weekend special, oil for sale, two gallons for the price of one.

“This Man”

Gerry Gutierrez.

Thinking always in How to change the world!