Gerry Gutierrez' Update


“The Cost of Loving God.”

“Jesus stands up for his own against Religious persecution.”

Matthew 26:6 to 16.  Sep. 28 – 2016. Georgia

 Jesus said, “Why do you bother this woman?”

 The same voice that stood up for Abel against his older brother Cain, who hate Him and was about to kill him in cold blood and without reason, rises in this passage for a woman. God does the same thing he did for Abel by interceding. “To show worship and love for God.”

 “While Jesus was in Bethany in the House of a man known as Simon the Leper, a woman come to him with an alabaster jar of very expensive perfume, which she poured on his head as he was reclining at the table.

 When the disciples saw this, they were indignant. Why this waste? They asked. “This perfume could have been sold at high Price and the money given to the poor”.

Aware of this, Jesus said to them “Why are you bothering this woman?” “She has done a beautiful thing to me”.

 A gift is the expression of worth. The Price of the gift is not measured by the cost at the market in dollar amounts, but by the heart attitude, where by a widow’s might is greater tan much gold and silver.

 We do not give anything to God until we have given our selves first and that which we have as the most precious thing to us.

 It is easy to imagine this woman to be on the prime of her life, about thirty like Jesus, starting his ministry. She is not a broken, poor and hungry college age young beautiful “thing” with out money to save and buy such an expensive perfume worth a year’s wages. Neither is she an old lady who has passed the already the age of focusing on looks and smell to attract men.

She is a woman whose senses are at its peek, strong, able and a has a good job that she can afford that which as a young student was only a longing of her heart when her teacher, would pass before her in the hall way leaving a fragrant aroma behind her.

 This is a woman who through her senses has learned the value of that which makes you notice, not in offensive but pleasant ways.

This sensitive soul, at the presence of Jesus she has smelled the aroma of the life of God in Jesus.

 In an instant her attention is turned to Jesus and an overwhelming desire to worship him take over her. The most valuable thing she has loses its value to her but to is all she has worth of Jesus beside her blushing face. In timidity and bold adoration she pours the perfume on Jesus’ head. Jesus called that act, “a beautiful thing to me”.

 At first sight one can not help it but to imagine nothing but a grown man of about thirty three yeas old, smelling like a rose and as fresh as a daisy next to his rough peer.

 On the other hand, there was never an expensive perfume on the most deserving head of anyone so naturally blending as its creator and inventor of fragrances as Jesus.

 While the not so fragrant friends of Jesus who smell like fish and sweat had never bought such a perfume for their wives, but have an opinion on the price of the perfume. They must have noticed beautiful woman sparingly applying a drop of perfume on their wrist and rubbing it in on the other wrist and treating themselves the first smell by breathing deep with calculated close eyes and raised hands.

 While the theology of the coast of worship is being discussed on the dining room table, Jesus settles the matter with one small sign of approval to the woman’s act,

 “She has done something beautiful to me”.

 In worship to Jesus, his approval is all that matters. A widow’s might or three hundred denarius are of the same value before Jesus.

Jesus sees the heart not the price tug of our gift neither does he check the receipt we left in the box to convey the cost of our gift to Him.

 Much in the same way as this woman did something beautiful to the Lord, this Man who is not a woman; neither he has a alabaster of perfume to pour out over Jesus’s head, has in his exciting love for Jesus decided to pour over the head on those whom Jesus loves, the cream of his thinking.

This man smell Jesus every morning at the cool of the day in the closet of his Heart and has retained in the alabaster jar of his mind thoughts in order to pour it on your head, as if you were Jesus himself.

“How can this man say, to love God to whom he has not seen if he does not love his brother to whom he has seen. “This man Truly loves Jesus by loving you.

 Please accept the best he knows how to worship his Lord and your Lord Jesus. This man has nothing else to burn in the altar of worship to our God but himself. “As a man thinks, so is he”. This man delivers his thoughts to you in a child like manner after the example of Jesus who at twelve dare to present his thought to the Doctors of the Law at the temple.

 If you are wondering why this man writes this letter like this today? He  will till you briefly. Since his wife went home to be with the Lord, she left him with the task for the rest of his life.


Prayer then it will be the occupation of his mind until this man breeds his last, the day when Jesus comes from him as he came for his wife by take our breath a way with his beauty.

His wives words to him were;

“Now you will have more time for your Lord my Love”. “I will be waiting for you,” She said.

 “Wear your name tag,” he said.

 Shortly after his wife died, this man run out of excuses to start doing the Real Work for the King and His Kingdom for which God prepared him for seventy years.

 This man knew very little that being an “army of one” would be very difficult. Without the love of His wife in half strength he entered to uncharted waters. The forces of evil were unleashed in all its fury against him.

 Recently this man has escaped like a coward with his life as Jesus to Egypt and Moses to the desert before the Exodus. The reason why this man share’s this thing with you is to ask you to join him in prayer. This man believes to be near to be slaughtered like a sheep by enemies visible and invisible.

 Lately this man has received out of the blue sky some “Hate mails”.

It would not bother him if it were from the world to which this man is use to it. It is from a man who claims to be a friend. This man loves him as Cain loved Abel, as Esau loved Jacob, as Joseph brothers loved Joseph, as Herod loved Jesus as older brother loved the prodigal son. This man accuses me that his writings are nothing but the writing of a man who “lives only to be praised”, “actively seeks praise” and added, “I respectfully request that you take me off from your “Praise me only” mailing list of friends. Three times in forty two years he has asked me to include him in my mailing list and three times he has asked me to be removed.

 His letters was answered with explanations; to which he has replied saying. “I deleted your letter without reading it.”

 The point of this letter is to tell you, if any letter sounds to you as that of a man robbing glory from God; that is not the truth in this case.

 The contrary is true, this man does not even want to use his name if he knew how to write like John and still be personal as a brother to another. So he calls himself now as “This man” to avoid using the wicked trinity of “me, myself and I”.

 If the accusation would be true, this man is against himself and for God’s glory only. Nevertheless he asks forgiveness for given that impression, but he cannot accept guilt as charged from something over which He is not convicted by the Holy Spirit or reason.

 To try to rob glory from God was the sin of Lucifer. So was of Adam and Eve sin and their children. As a child of God in Jesus this man knows  better not to seek that which is of God alone. In the past before coming to know Jesus as God in the flesh, this man was indeed a chief of sinners. Now he sins less and less even though he is not completely sinless yet because he lives in the dusty streets of this world. He is aware of the dust that creeps up on his feet, which Jesus washes away with the water of the lavatory of his love and grace.

 To him, glory and praise would be like great wealth that he would not know how to use it on himself. Encouragement? That is a different story, it is welcome, but even encouragement if it is seek as a goal and get it, that will become his reward and nothing more.

 As is now, the Lord Himself gives him plenty and more than he can handle it. Encouragement from above he has increasingly received.

At  first he saw Jesus by faith as a look from his eyes. Later he saw the smile on his face only he could see with his heart. Then the Lord winks at him every now and then. Lately he came to the point that intimacy has grown to laughing together.

This man would die if he loses the laughter of the elect at the cool of the Day. If this man writes, it is at the prompting of the Father and the urging of some of his brothers.

 Enclosed you shall find a picture of many exquisite collection of pens of great price given to me over the period of many years, valued in  thousands of dollars. You will also find the gift of journals from a beloved grand daughter who saves to buy journals.

 This man once thought to write a book and raise two million dollars to fund the vision of his life for his people far away in his country of birth. But this man recently lost his name and credibility by losing his wife and to friends to abandonment.

 This man’s wishes to be known as “This man” only. His wartime name however is Joseph Stephen. Joseph as the beloved son of his Father Jacob but disliked by his brothers. Stephen as a man who died for the love of Jesus and his word preaching to the last minute of his life with the courage that comes from having see by faith the Lord Jesus already standing to welcome his servants personally.

 If you appreciate the writings, then that is enough reward to have the honor to be pay with some attention as a messenger boy of the most high God.


 Let the alabaster jar of my skull crack over Jesus’ accepting head, but never be offensive to your mind and nostrils.

 It’s all this man has to give to Jesus but the fragrance is for you beloved of the Father. No need to replied, but if you chose to write, it will be welcomed and read in its entirety and will be forward a copy as a prayer to our Lord to reward you accordingly.

GGS. Joseph Stephen.

 Friends demanding that I write, while others are indignant. (?)

If one believes in you, you have lived.