Gerry Gutierrez' Update

Chasms and Walls, Part II



Intro: She said: “Let us Pray”. I say, “YES”   

It’s attributed to Senator Dirksen the quote to his colleagues during a budget discussion: "a billion here, a billion there, pretty soon you're talking real money.


When Nathan the prophet confronted David the king about his adultery with Bathsheba, a married woman, and the subsequent assassination of Uriah her husband to cover up his sins; Nathan did it in such a way that he seemed to be beating around the bush until he, like Senator Dirksen, said directly to David, “That man is you.”


Good old days of straight talk, where have they gone?


In our effort to sound, “politically correct” to please people and not offend anyone, we have end up offending God and people.


When a man is too concerned with the “Form and not the content,” he could lose both “Form and content,” that is when the proverbial saying must come from “throwing the baby out with the bath water.”


“If diplomacy is the art to stand over someone’s shoe without ruining its shine,” how can anyone keep the toes from hurting? Confrontation sometimes can be painful, but the counsel from scripture said, “Better is open rebuke than hidden love.”


Otherwise, the truth will be the first casualty in relationships by being suppressed by silence and choke to death inside with no outlet to air out things. Then gossip enters and apart of separating friend, runs through wrong channels to the wrong ears and instead of irrigating, it will contaminate others. Water is good in the grass but not in the rug of living rooms.


Let us make it as personal as we can in our lives as some of us do not have the luxury of time and keep procrastinating with the pretext to keep peace that when in reality is “Fear of men over the fear of God.”


I should know this, because I have been one who sought to please man. I have tried to please God and men at the same time. I had become a champion at inventing excuses of noble and honorable nature, but in essence I was self preserving. 


I have wasted so many years in silence in fear not to offend people and suppressing and drowning in religion instead of being a changing agent for God in Jesus.


You may question my theology, my grammar and spelling, but one thing you cannot question is my testimony, because I am a witness of Jesus and as such I only have a “word of testimony”, and I alone are responsible for that in whatever I do, say or even think.


Let us keep this subject as personal as we can. "She said "Let us Pray and I said "YES"


Faith is to take Jesus at his word. This has led me to believe in one thing and one thing only very deeply. That is “Prayer,” which is agreement with God. No matter what you hear from me even after my death, remember, “I will be speaking about Prayer by only teaching the whole world to say, “YES” to God. All of creation and redemption requires of me one thing and that is expressed in one great, small word from me to God.  YES!


When Jesus taught us to pray by repeating after Him the “so called Lord’s Prayer”, our part in that prayer is to say “Amen!” or “I agree” or “So be it” or “Great” or “Okay” that equals to “YES.”


A life in alignment with God is a life in oneness with God. A life of oneness with God is a life in unity with God. A life in unity with God is a life without a personal will of its own. Therefore the only prayer worth God’s ears is “Yes   Before we even know the specific will of God to a particular situation, our answer should be “Yes.”   In fact, there is no need to know any specifics of any particular situation to act in God’s behalf and according to God’s will.


Once the will of God is our will, there is a bold relief from the anxiety or distress that is caused by the competing will of self and God’s will.

The personal understanding of what has been said is something that cannot be taught in words but only by personally obtained by taking Jesus at his word and let him make an experiment out of our life for the common good of the body.


This “middleman” does not desire to usurp the role of the Holy Spirit in anyone’s life. I love to leave room for self-discovery so a person may develop ownership on the vision and truth revealed. 


Going back to “chasms and walls”, fixed separation, and straight talk; we see in the Lazarus and the Rich Man’s account, that there is no record of Lazarus talking to the rich man, neither is there a record of the man talking to Lazarus. It is therefore safe to conclude that the “chasm of separation is silence as a tall wall between them.” Beware of silence!


Lazarus as a man in need may have asked help from the Rich Man. It is likely to assume that Lazarus was an annoyance to the Rich Man having who was having such a good time on a daily basis. Lazarus to him was a “regular party pooper” by witnessing with his presence and causing guilty feelings.


A needy man begs, knowing that he has no right to demand for help. His best rehearsed humble daily cry without dignity and self worth would sound in his own ears so humiliating. But the pain of his needs was greater than his pride and begging became a way of life.


Lazarus was not related to the Rich Man who had no responsibility or duty to feed him, though he heard his daily plea. Being wealthy and ignoring the poor has to qualify for some sort of felony! 


But suppose that they are related by blood as family! Could silence and neglect be qualified as illegal “chasms and walls?”


Will the Lord have for innocent, he who has lived in silence without communion with his family as if Jesus did not die for communion?

Preachers and teachers please tell me not what I should do, but what do you do? As someone said, “I rather see a sermon than to hear one.”


Is it not the fellowship of the saints our inheritance on earth? Are we saving our inheritance to expend it in heaven where we will have unhindered fellowship? 


“Ah! The Fellowship” for which Jesus, my wife, and my mentor gave their lives! It is time to stop talking about prayer and really pray. What about honoring Jesus and loving one another so people may honor Jesus by seeing our love and fellowship with one another? Look! How they love each another. If the “chasm or wall” of silence rules life on earth, do not wait to have fellowship in the hereafter.


The Dean of Heaven who is the Father of the elect and non-elect as he is the father of Ishmael and Isaac with the authority given by God he will not beat around the bush but talking straight talks and say properly to the Rich Man and address him as “Son.”  Son, remember? Yes, my son, remember how you live on earth having good times daily and how Lazarus had bad times. Now my son, Lazarus is confronted and you are in agony.”


Besides, there is a “chasm” between here and there that is impossible to go from here to there and from there to here.


The ultimate reality of the Here and There are the twins of Chasm and walls.


Yes. Remember! The divorce on earth is not marriage in Heaven.

The “chasm of silence on earth” is not communion in Heaven. What you tie on earth remains tied in heaven. As some say “what is born round, does not die square.” What you ignore on earth should also be ignored in heaven.


The needs are on earth. The opportunities to help and serve are in this life. The lack of comfort on earth for the lonely suffering servant of God will be taken care in heaven by angels and Abraham and the hand of God himself will wipe every tear caused by the memory of times of pain that are so deep that led to despair. The whisper of Jehovah in heaven will be softly spoken, “It’s okay my child, you are home now, home at last. It is so good to have you finally”. Those words will cause to replace old tears of pain with bursting tears of joy.


There will be weeping in heaven, but only the kind of weeping to clean and clear the vision to behold new beauty of the once frowned face because of our sins now an eternal smile for us as the author of the divine smile.  


Remember that God can and is able to have a monogamous relationship with each one of us all at the same time, because he is God and is above the Law and to him there is no sis. How could this be? This is for you to find out! I can only say “It will be so and in no other way.” I will only tell you his words whether you listen or fail to listen. But a prophet would have been among you. While I do not add to revelation or take away from revelation, I have no need to apologize or brag but in my weakness.


In a sound bite mentality society as ours, people seek to say many things in few words thinking that this is communication at its best. But in fellowship where God is King and not “chronometer” the tyrant, pagan, god of time; we can take our sweet time to say few truths but explained in many words as not to lose the train of thought. May the Lord open your eyes to notice the care and urgency of my words and writings as to compensate the lack of grammar and spelling of your language.


My brothers and sisters, I have lost many friends to death, separation, rejection and silence. I am willing to pay the cost of separation by straight talk if by doing so I could lift Jesus and his grace and power.


There is only one pain I shy away from and pray the Lord never allows me to suffer. That pain is the bitter cup of his separation from me. I rest in that Jesus was separated from the Father so I will never be separated from Him. I have lost many friends where intention from my part was absent. Some I have lost for taking Jesus at his word and purposefully becoming, even at seventy, childlike. Some I have lost by disqualification of not being as they are.


I find hard those who take themselves too seriously and refuse to be childlike and color blind. Some have no room in the Inn of their hearts for me because I like to pray and play. I am against organization when it comes to limiting the sovereign intervention of God in the daily affairs of life. 


When one organizes things too much, then only one can get results only in direct proportion to their organizational capacities and nothing more. But if one leaves room for God to intervene and surprise, there is no limit of what can accomplish in God’s terns.


When Jesus is taken at His word and one settles for a childlike life, one will have such a good times that “work” is endless joy. It’s like loving what is closest to the heart and being paid for it. One becomes like Jochebed the mother of Moses, who was paid by the daughter of Pharaoh to take care of her own son Moses.


When in need, I invest in others in greater need of help. I do so, taking the Lord at His word. “He who gives to the poor lends to the Lord.”

The Lord pays back on time a hundred fold using his elect who are greatly blessed in turn. It is not that I believe in the worldly saying “What goes around comes around,” But with David I say, “I have been young and now I am old, yet I have never seen righteous forsaken or his children begging for bread.” To invest in the poor is to be rich in God.


When Lazarus was in great need of help, the rich man did not care to invest in Lazarus except crumbs that fell from his table. Once in Hell, the rich man seemed to feel entitled to a little water, enough only to wet his lips. After all, he must have figured it out the crumbs that fell from the rich man’s table bought him that much. 


You will notice that the rich man has no moral authority to ask for more and directly to Lazarus. He must have remembered that on earth Lazarus asked from him for his needs, but the rich man ignored Lazarus’ need of food and water. Even the dogs were friendlier to Lazarus than the rich man, because the dog licked his wounds. 


It is also inescapable to notice that the “chasm of silence” between Lazarus and the rich man goes on in the hereafter. The rich man is a people user who is used to ordering around and does not extend the courtesy to ask Lazarus for water himself. He asks Abraham to order Lazarus to bring him water. Now the rich man is poor, hungry, thirsty and in agony. Lazarus on the other hand is as wealthy as he can be above anyone on earth. 


The roles have been reversed. Lazarus has all he needs and wants and the rich man has nothing for his needs and wants. It is here that Abraham in perfect state of righteousness answers to the Rich Man, “His son” free from passion with bone chilling words:

“Remember Son…”


It is not someone unknown but the Jury of our peers that will judge us. Those who know us best will judge on the basis of what they know of us. Who better than a father to know a son as Abraham to the Rich Man? 


Who like a father who was willing to sacrifice His own life, country, family, and son to please God? Would being a Father blind Abraham to do justice? Would nepotism take over the heart and mind of the friend of God and contradict the God who fixed the chasm? Opportunity, grace, compassion and mercy are nothing but a distant memory. And just as no one will marry or be given in marriage, so no one will beget a son or intercede for a son or a father. Earthly relationships and practices are over forever. Perfect Justice and perfect King in a perfect kingdom of perfected servants is the unchangeable reality of the new Land. 


Knowing this then the revealed reality of the future, there should be no room in our hearts but to live as “ones” who are destined to died and after that the Judgment. May the fear of the Lord reign in our heart to the point that there is no fear left for anything or anyone but God whose name is Holy, Revered, Respected, Adored, Exalted, Worshiped, Praised, forever and ever amen. YES!


Gerry Gutierrez