Gerry Gutierrez' Update

Make Room for the Toddler

Thursday April 6. 2017 at 3:30PM

Since the refugee toddler found dead at the seashores of the Mediterranean Sea, the eyes of the whole world have turned toward the toddlers of the world.  A toddler is a baby who has escaped the murderous hands of an abortionist doctors. A toddler is one narrowly escaping with his life from the modern day Herod like Jesus with Joseph and Mary escaping to Egypt.

Yesterday some toddlers were killed cruelly in Syria by poison bombs.

A boxer once said that toddlers are refugees from Heaven on Earth. In my view, Toddlers are “landlords of heaven” because Jesus said,

“Let the children come to me, for to such as these belong the kingdom of Heaven”.

The toddler and such as them are the landlords of Heaven.

Toddlers are those kids who are found between babies and tykes.

They are the smaller version of a man and are particularly attractive, happy and full of desire to live life. A baby is a baby, and some of them still use pacifiers. But toddler are already self feeding little creatures pretending to be big and acting as full grown tykes bossing to older brothers and sisters.

It is fascinating to observe a toddler enjoy their exercise of power by manipulating parents and siblings with only raising the volume of their voice to call attention to their wants and needs.

What is fascinating is that not long before they were crawling and making goo-goo and da-da sounds in full diapers. They were as funny and small as a little chick who use to be an egg, a fragile egg that all of a sudden runs around in perfect equilibrium in its two little skinny stick like legs, acting like a rooster.

But for the purposes of our point is that these adorable toddlers are particularly an endangered species.

From excessive care and love of each hour of the day when babies, the toddlers are walking on their own feet, falling and getting up and testing everything that they think is food and they do so with dirty hands. They are prone to get sick and prone to accidents and falls.

Since they are still dependent they are at the mercy of their parents and whatever happens to their parents more likely will happen to them also good or bad. 

In the land of Egypt the toddlers were children of slaves and when the edict of the king came against the Jews, it was the firstborn toddlers who were killed.

In the same way, when Jesus was born in Bethlehem, King Herod passed an edict that the entire toddler world should be killed and Jesus’ parents had to escape to Egypt as refugees.

Many toddlers were killed instead of Jesus. Later Jesus would die instead of us. 

God loves Toddlers! Jesus and Moses were toddlers. We all were once toddlers.

God protected his toddlers and they became the leaders of his people.  Moses led them to the Promise land and Jesus is leading us to Heaven.

Pharaoh and Herod were baby killers and do not lead people to life but to death.

In the same way the President Assad from Syria is a killer of toddlers with chemical weapons.

Therefore, we the toddlers of God have decided to join together to agree together in prayer and ask God to use President Donald Trump to remove Assad from Syria because we believe that the cup of the iniquity of President Assad is full and should be removed from that position of power for no longer being worthy of his office.

The 6th of April at 3:00pm we the toddlers mobilize ourselves in prayer along with our families with the help of our instigator Gerry Gutierrez.

(Attached at the end of the page you shall see a series of 6 pictures of text as evidence on the timing of the prayer of the Mighty Toddlers and the answer to prayer seven minutes later. For your edification and encouragement.)

Franklyn and family were communicated at 3:51pm.

Simeon Osman and family were communicated at 3:53pm.

Josiah Luther was communicated at 4:25pm.

Katherine and Deborah were also communicated a little after Josiah.

Ezequiel and family were the last ones to close almost five hours of prayer at 8:30pm.

The last text with instruction and prayer for the mighty toddler were:

“Down with the Herod’s of the world.  Up with the toddlers.” “YES”.

Few minutes later at 8:45pm “Breaking news.”  “America strikes Syria.”

I sent a text to Nathaniel and 8 kids. Are you all watching the news of Syria?

Nathaniel:  “No… I don’t have TV.  “I try to spend my time reading the Bible.  J Smile.

Caleb:  Its better not to watch, it’s horrible.

Nathaniel back on messaging:  “A Pentagon official said about 50 Tomahawk cruise missiles were fired at a Syrian air base”

My message to the mighty toddler for posterity and to memorialize the event was:

“The Lord has heard our prayers dear Josiah, Simeon, Franklin, Deborah, Ezequiel, Katherine and Gerry”(God’s toddlers and prayer warriors.)

Behold the USA toddlers praying for Syrian toddlers

For the toddlers of Jesus.

Gerry Gutierrez

“The toddlers united will never be defeated”

I just realized that President Trumps last sentence on his report to the nation and the world was: “No child of God deserves to die and suffer like this.  May the Lord give me wisdom”.

No wonder why we the seven toddlers start praying for president Trump to be used by God to remove President Assad from his throne. Trump Prayed. We say YES.

I will enclose a dated picture of the text “epistle” send to the toddlers of my invisible congregation to pray with their parents.

The prayer meeting ended with Ezequiel and father seven minutes before the first Tomahawk missile was fired.  Let the toddlers of all lands united and come to Jesus, for such is the kingdom of God.

In the name of the seven Toddlers.

Gerry Gutierrez


Sue Smith is available to testify personally as well as with her signature that Faith is real and Prayer does work as the only thing really works powerfully on this side of Heaven. You can find her at Chick Fil A and corroborate the facts.Take courage and pray and see the mighty hand of God our Father in Heaven. GG