Gerry Gutierrez' Update

Remembering and Celebrating the Birth of Jesus the Toddler of God the Father.

Merry Christmas.

Midnight greeting to you,


Let us celebrate the arrival of the Holy Visitor who came from the Highest Heavens at speeds greater than the speed of Light to arrive on time softly, silently, humbly and without pomp in a nigh like tonight.

Oh Holy Night, the night when the God of Abraham sent his baby boy Jesus to keep his promise to him and to us all who love his return. Comeback Jesus, come back soon. Maranatha! Jesus is coming again and coming soon.


Alleluia. Merry Christmas my beloved.




The picture is called "Destiny". The shadow says it all. Jesus and his babysitter Joseph.



On behalf of the rest of the Gutierrez tribe we thank you Lord and say "HI" to you my friends.