Gerry Gutierrez' Update

Please pray for this request as if you would for yourself.

A friend is in Pain.


Dear Brother and partner in Jesus,

Today is one of those days that I am poor in words to say what I wish it could be of any use to you and your pain as the First Christmas without your beloved Bride has come and gone.

I only know and that by experience all things DO work together for good of men like you and me who are call to his service. He removes any and every thing from our lives to step in to be himself our sufficiency.

To the widows and widowers he is a husband and a loving husband with more love and care than thousand espouses. May he be your comfort and sustainer my friend.

My loneliness does not know limits and increases by the years. But his sufficiency is greater than all my needs, wants and fears if any is left in me.
I do fear to brag of my intimate joys in the Lord, because I am afraid to lose the sympathy of the few friends left to me.

My one hand has too many fingers to count the remnant of my once “confident friends” who perhaps competed with God in my heart for my loyalty or even dependence from the Lord. May he who dwells alone but fills the universe fill your heart this Christmas with comfort and joy.

May the baby boy held in the arms of Simeon hold you and bless you with blessings reserved for such a times as this my friend. Come to him once again as those little children who were brought to Jesus for him to bless them.

Let me be a friend in your cheering crowd to push you at the feet of Jesus for him to lift you up and make you sit on his knees and touch your head.
Do not blush as everyone’s eyes are on you because like Joseph you will be ostracized from your brothers that even some will be indignant with you.

Just remember that he is the Lord of Lord, he is the Mighty God, everlasting father, Prince of peace who is not only your near you but in you and ready to council you and comfort you himself. “He wounds, but he also heals.” He is a friend of Abraham but he is also your friend and you can “trust the wounds of a friend.”
Let us say together with Job “Even if he kills me, I will trust in him”. Rest in him who loved and love first.

For a man lost of words I sure write as if I know more that my age grants me the wisdom. It must be the Lord. (Smile. It sure is good to have someone to blame.)
The good part of this letter is that this is not a theological exposition that would lend itself to discussion, because it is my testimony and I alone am responsible for its content and veracity.

We both are here in this world as witnesses of Jesus to testify.
Let us then together testify and rest our case by faith leaving it to the Holy Spirit to use it sovereignly.
It seems to be that all that we have is our testimony and when everything is said and done we stand as witnesses to testify about the grace and love of God in our Lord Jesus in the power of the Holy Spirit. May the Lord bless you my brother. 


Gerry Gutierrez