Gerry Gutierrez' Update


Strangely amazing Christmas that makes me bow down

behind three wise men from the East.


Hi Chad,


This was the most expensive Christmas ever for me, worth the price of a new car. I have saved money for a long time and same state sales to make people happy and I do not have the feeling to have succeeded. Was the Beatles right when they sung, “Can’t buy me love?” I even both six turkeys for others and tons of Portland Cement and bricks.


I did not receive a pencil or a pair of sacks, but the high light of my Christmas on earth in 2017 was you invitation to drop by your house anytime on Christmas Day. Thank you my brother, you acted at the prompting of the Lord and that by far was enough to cheer me up. (I enclose your note below.)


Merry CHRISTMAS to you as well my friend. Don't know what you have going on today, but if you are free our home is open to you and we would love to see you. No need to call or schedule or cancel. Just stop by - or not.

To come to see you when I was also focusing in others would have ruined the “romantic” for all involved. Thank you from the heart.


Before I end in a note of self-pity I have to confess that love is in the given of self not of things. Our Lord gave me his son in a fresh way and you would find hard to believe if I tell you that my cheeks are hurting with the inner smile of great joy and satisfaction at the rediscovery of Jesus in me the hope of glory.


The most expected call or greeting of my favorite “Idol” did not come even in a two-word message of “Merry Christmas”. Is neglect an offense?

Meanwhile the Lord was presses on my mind and heart the duty to testify the next time we make contact with my “idol” with extra sweet words as HIS witness. I think Jesus wants me to be an honorable man who “overlooks an offense”.


Isn’t Jesus precious?


While I was preparing to “milk” the situation, from my “beloved Idol” who has put himself in disadvantage by exposing his fragilities for my revenge. Jesus instead seem to be telling me to stand as his witness to testify of my joy in Jesus who never changes and he is more than enough to me.


In fact Jesus seem to be telling me again “vengeance is mine”, which instead of making me cheer “Yes Jesus, get them” in reality make my back bone have goose pumps and a chill goes all the way to my feet.

No dear Lord, I love them so much and as you know I have all that I need and want in you. Never mind Lord, I was just thinking.

“Please forgive them for they no not know what they do”.

Then my heart quitted down on the fact that my “Lord has spoken once, but two things I have heard”. My new understanding of “Vengeance is mine”, is, “let me handle this, let me use it to convict in my own time and way for my own glory, the benefit of others and you own blessing. Trust me, besides it is out of you jurisdiction what I do with my children. You follow me and just love my sheep.”


“I will not waist your testimony Gerry wit a “G”. Just be my witness and testify. You do not look good playing the role of an “Amateur providence”.

There is only one God and you are him.”


BTW this dear Chad, this was just supposed to be a thank you note but the more I thought about the gift and given I felt so rich and blessedly satisfied with God in the gift of his son that I could not help it but to brag about Jesus.

I think I am addicted to Jesus and I may die with overdoses of the love of God in Jesus. If that is the case, remember that for us of Jesus “Death is gain.”


Your fellow toddler of Jesus.

Gerry with a “G” Gutierrez