Gerry Gutierrez' Update

About Ben, Rear Admiral Barry Black and President Trump

February 3, 2017


About Ben

Dear Family and friends,

Yesterday, I talked to Ben and prayed with him because he was very discouraged. Then I sent the following note.



Dear Ben,

It was good to talk and pray with you. It was good to remember together that the Lord our God did not spare his our son from suffering. I am praying you out of the Hospital to rehab by tomorrow. I love you my dear and brave son.




Please read the update from Lois today.


Ben's white blood count has gone down and is in the normal range!!!  So the new antibiotic is working and no more pus seems to be draining. They were talking about releasing him today to a rehabilitation center that can take care of all his ports and machines. There are four of them  1) the wound vac for the large incision, 2) the port for draining the abscess in his tummy, and 3) the colostomy for releasing the contents of his bowel, and they put 4) a port in his arm where they can flush in antibiotics directly to the large vein to the heart if needed, and withdraw blood, and give him fluids without having to poke around looking for a small vein. Ben was happy about getting out of the hospital, and then today we hit a big snag - he needs a psychological evaluation because of his Noonan's syndrome before a rehab place can take him. That would take an additional three days please pray that we can somehow overcome that hurdle. Ben does not want to be stuck at the hospital anymore. They wake him up all night long and he is exhausted which is making him depressed. Thanks for coming alongside us in this!




Let us praise the Lord together. Thank you Lord. Now, please join me in prayer to speed up the proses for Ben to go to rehab in matter of hours.



Lois and her family are with a nasty cold also. Pray for them because they cannot get close to Ben.


A note to my children.


Ben is doing fine physically. Now it is up to us to encourage him emotionally and spiritually. Pray as if you were in his skin and see the power of the Lord in prayer that works in all of us at the same time many different things.


Ben is a born witness who testified always throughout his life from the operating room. Let us not waits the testimony of God through Ben. We will overcome!! Faith is the victory that overcomes the world.  





PS. I am sending a picture of Ben and me I taking laps around the hospital with his favorite nurse.





Admiral Barry Black


Please also find a link to Presidential National Prayer Breakfast 2017 that was yesterday celebrated in Washington DC.  I pray that the message of the Chaplain of the Senate is of great blessing to you as it was to me.  He is the retired Rear Admiral Barry Black. In my opinion, a true Prince of Jesus.  


President Trump


You may want to see the whole program that includes the Testimony of President Trump and some Senators in the extended link.


What about me? Last month in New York.