Gerry Gutierrez' Update

Urgent Again!

Georgia, Jan. 31, 2017.

Dear Family and friends,

While a smile has returned to some of our family, testing, trials and tribulations are visiting to the rest.

Since mother's death, sickness is circling around over our otherwise blue sky. For five years we all are being shaken in different degrees. We have been walking on water at our own request and the call of Jesus. As the Patriarch of our family, I have noticed that only as we kept our eyes on Jesus by taking Jesus at his word and agreeing in prayer together we have survived thus far. Like gladiators in the arena, we must remain together in spirit if we want to survive the warfare to which Jesus has called us.

Let us not be like those who have no Father in Heaven and regroup and pray without ceasing thanking God in all our circumstances rejoicing always and knowing that this is the will of God for us to testify as witnesses of Jesus with the way how we react by the grace of God which has been abundant in our lives.

It is my conviction that the enemy of our souls is trying to weaken us by separating us physically and spiritually. He knows that separated we will be easily defeated. So far, the enemy has not succeeded. This is not so much due to our strength but to our faith and prayers as we run to Jesus like little chicks under his wings as to a mother hen.

Six years ago last Sunday we were evacuated from the Andes Mountains, mother with broken leg and I, barely holding on to 40 years of being strong for others including the most glorious job of "care giver" to the love of my life my Ruthie. I remember as if it was yesterday that we came back like wounded soldiers from our overseas assignment with only our luggage, eager to be patched up and given another chance to return to serve our Lord again as usual for 45 years. This was not to be so, according to our sovereign Lord, he had other plans us.

After a year of struggle and two weeks before Mother died, we finally understood with noonday clarity, how prayer and the will of God interrelates in the Sovereignty of God and man's responsibility. I felt like a wealthy manager of the great revelation of my new grasp of prayer. I felt like a Banker who knew nothing about banking, but wealthy nevertheless. Just as I was rejoicing in "the finding of the Gold mine", mother left me home alone and went to be with our Lord. Puzzled but accepting her death, as the perfect will of God, I stepped into the arena of life completely alone apart from the ever-increasing sweet presence of Jesus.

Mother's death was my baptism and the entering into the ministry to which everything else was just a preamble.

During the last years, in a way, I was lead like our Lord Jesus by the spirit into the desert to be tempted by the Devil to the core of my being. By faith, prayer and the will of God that always prevails, I can say confidently that I am on the other side of the valley of the shadow of death.

The dark clouds have moved away from my sky and is now raining over my seven children and fourteen grand children who love and walk with Jesus.

From my Keila and Ben who have just undergo severe life threatening emergency surgeries and hospitalizations, to Johanna and Simeon my grand children, they have also had complicated surgeries, all being put to sleep with total anesthesia as if death would be nibbling in their lives.

Today, at noon, in Chicago Ben will be submitted to a very serious procedure. Ben has developed two abscesses the sizes of a pear and another like a lemon. Since Ben is in his second week in the hospital, it is very hard and discouraging to him and prayer is most urgent.

My Lois, is a true mother to the whole family, she is truly exhausted and also in need of prayer. My Nathaniel, who just returned to Peru last Friday, is also exhausted and under spiritual attack in the front line needs your prayers.

My good news is that my retina surgery also with complete anesthesia, has completely been reattached to the point of being better than my other eyes. All of January I have traveled like a salesman in ten states including flying to Chicago with Nathaniel to encourage Ben and Lois.

Job prayed for his children alone, just in case they may have offended the Lord. I am not alone, so I appeal to you my family and friends to join me in prayer for Ben and my other children. It is right and proper to intercede knowing that no prayer is more Christ like as intercessory prayer. There is nothing but love in it. Jesus' job today is to intercede for his own. Let us join Jesus and his strong prayers to the Father for Ben, Lois, Nathaniel and the rest of the Gutierrez in whom you have invested so much.  Please support your prayers on the following verse of the day.

Of Jesus, a servant.

Gerry Gutierrez.


“Cast your cares on the LORD and he will sustain you; he will never let the righteous be shaken.” Psalm 55: 22

Visiting With Ben at Hospital and leaving him with Alexa from Echo and Amazon.