Gerry Gutierrez' Update

“Crisis plus Fear equals Faith, and Faith as the gift of God,
is the victory that overcomes the world.”


 From Genesis to Revelation we can find Crisis everywhere. This is the story of the day when sailors asked a carpenter to save them from drowning in the windy high waves of the Sea of Galilee. This story is found in Matthew 8:23-27.


There is room for the Theology of crisis. “Crisis that became one flesh with Fear, gives birth to Faith that is the victory that overcomes the world”.


There was crisis in the garden when Adam fell and was cast out of Eden.

There was crisis and pain at the birth of the first child on earth.

There was crisis at the death of a child at the hands of his brother.

There was crisis at the destruction of the human race by the universal flood.

Crisis became one flesh with Fear and Faith was born to have victory.


There was crisis in the slavery of Egypt and the captivity of Babylon.

There was crisis at the edge of the Red Sea and the Egyptian Army.

There was crisis in the desert when poisonous snakes bit people to death.

There was crisis at the edge of the Jordan River before crossing to Canaan.

Crisis became one flesh with Fear and Faith was born to have victory.


There was crisis in the conquest of the Promised Land, lasting to this day.

There was crisis at the birth of Jesus and persecution all the way to Egypt.

There was crisis at the passion, death and resurrection of Jesus Christ.

Crisis became one flesh with Fear and Faith was born to have victory.


In every case, the wife of Crisis is Fear, and Fear is pretty but not as beautiful as her daughter Faith. Mrs. Fear is pretty, but she is just the beginning of wisdom.

While fools despise wisdom and discipline, Mr. Crisis and Mrs. Fear have raised a beautiful daughter in Faith who is their pride and Joy that overcomes the world.


Once upon a time Mr. Crisis and Mrs. Fear conceived a child and after a reasonable time she give birth to a little girl named Faith. She was a delicate and fragile small child that many wan so desperately, while other fools despise her and seek to abort her at conception in their lack of discipline.


Baby Faith the daughter of Crisis and Fear had a difficult childhood. She was tested in trials and tribulations that made her a strong, tall, wise, godly and famous girl as Samson, Saul, Solomon, David and Moses. Little faith, as small as she was, was always able to recognize Jesus even when she was in his mother's womb like John the Baptist, who recognized Jesus from the womb of his mother Elizabeth while Jesus was in the womb of Mary, his mother, and jumped for joy at the sound of the voice of Mary. 

By the way, these babies were not formless fetuses but human beings capable of having a social life even before birth. According to this passage its evident that life starts at conception and not at birth. In fact life begins before conception at predestination, and it comes to pass on earth immutably and not by the will of man or the desire of flesh, but by the will of God. Babies come with clearly determined gender and even a chosen name from before their conception and birth as it was in the case of John and Jesus.


 “You shall call his name Jesus” and “His name is John”.


So much for the pseudo sovereign queens of the pro-choice movement, life is from God and God alone has the right to start and to terminate life when and how and why as he pleases as the potter has the power over the clay.


 As a child that grows up and ends up taking care of his parents, so Faith grows and takes care of her Father Crisis and Mother Fear in their old age. Crisis and Fear love to let Faith take care of them in their senior years. It was not always so, as in this boat trip from our story, when Faith was just a little girl the storm started out of the blue sky and Mr. Crisis and Mrs. Fear were afraid. Baby Faith was taking a nap next to Jesus below the deck of the boat. This young couple ran toward Faith and found her sleeping next to Jesus “the sleep of the innocent.”


By the way, whenever you need Faith, you will always fine her next to Jesus. Faith is taking Jesus at his word and Prayer is repeating in agreement the words of Jesus back to him. Prayer is the identical twin brother of Faith. Prayer always wakes up Jesus and more so if it is “wet Prayer”. That is urgent and tearful prayers. “Lord save us! We are going to drown”. That was not much of a prayer, but Faith was a very little girl at the time.


How do we know that?


 Because of Jesus’ replay, “you of little faith, why are you so afraid? Then he got up and rebuked the wind and the waves, and it was completely calm.

Now the point of our meditation leads us to conclude that a man of Little Faith easily gets scared in times of crisis and in fear they forget that Jesus is on board and as the pilot in a larger plane there is no reason to be afraid when the pilot is also in the plane.


God's plane is perfectly built to arrive at its destination not a minute early or a minute late. Not a mile short nor a mile long, but just on time and in the right spot.

As far as human error, you will only fear if your Faith is little and you are separated from Jesus with little Faith resting in your own lap. When Faith is little, then the question about Jesus “What kind of man is this?” is somewhat valid.


But to keep treating Jesus as man after the resurrection is unacceptable.


Jesus is not a man. Jesus is God the Son visiting men in the body of a man for our own sake, so we can see the invisible, spiritual and eternal God in Emmanuel which means “God with us”. So this is not a carpenter saving the sailors from drowning, but Jesus the Son of God saving the Lost who in crisis and fear conceive the gift of beautiful Faith that makes men say “my Lord my God”.


That is what Jesus is, Lord and God. Not just a mere man but God who for a time became what he never was "a man" for our sake. That is the Gospel, God in the flesh, fully God and fully man. 


Now you may ask, what kind of God is this who can be God and Man at the same time? His name is Jesus the Carpenter of Nazareth Son of God and savior of the world.


Gerry Gutierrez

A witness of Jesus.