Gerry Gutierrez' Update

“The Superstar of Jesus”.

There is the Star of David, Bethlehem, Hollywood and the Superstar of Jesus.

What do you have to say about that, Hollywood?

A star appeared to three men whose eyes were fixed on the things above.
A star is revealed to them who try to understand the glory of God by observing his handiwork.
A star is a witness of the conception of Jesus as if saying, " life starts at conception".
A start is a servant leader from God to lead God’s people to their predestined goal.
A star is larger than planets but sovereignty its at the service of puny men by the will of God.

A star of Bethlehem seems to move in the vast universe as a strong giant pushing aside the greater and lesser stars out of its way, like a massive oil tanker leading and opening a way for a canoe with three passengers on board in the immense ocean.


A star is high and far way but it does not matter how high and mighty it may be if there is no eyes observing, it's existence, they are there in vain.
A star without followers, it's just "a blinking thing" in the dark, solitary, cold and violent universe.
A star though it has its own light, it is useless if no one has need of it's light and guidance.
A start that moves at the will of God though hot is lifeless; but it alters the course of history. 

A star, apart from the will of God, is just a grain of sand in the universe.
A star that moves on its own will at best can only be remembered as a falling star. 

And a falling star does not lead anyone anywhere.
A star in Hollywood can lead only as long as they themselves follow the will of God and point out to Jesus with their lives.
A star in Hollywood is there to pretend to be what he is not " a beacon of light, an ideal to be followed". They are not to be like politicians or preacher using their temporary light entrusted to them to manipulate people. As soon as actors break away from their boundaries, they become falling stars to no longer be admired as wise. (Jim Carrey, Meryl Streep, Baldwin, Robert De Niro, Kathy Griffin). Let the cobbler go back to his shoes, and the carpenter to his saw. 

A superstar is one who without a doubt points out people to Jesus and is known as "His Star". The wise men said "We have seen his star in the East".
A star in the service of God may temporarily hide from sight of unworthy eyes, but its reappearance gives Joy to the people as Scripture says: They were overjoyed when they saw the start again in the way to Bethlehem.
A star stops over Jesus and its light is not needed anymore. "Once you meet the Lord, there is no need of a servant".
A star must decrease it's light unto death before Jesus, as not to ever compete with the true light of the world.
A star leads ahead of the wise men in search of Jesus, as the engine leads the caboose. There is no such a thing as leaders leading from behind. As humble as it my sound, but in reality he who leads from behind it's actually a dictator that uses people as a shield and lives in the safety and protection of people to do his own will at the cost of the lives of those who go ahead.
A star who leads from behind it's neither a star nor a leader, is just a follower of no one to nowhere.


The star of Bethlehem will never be forgotten because wise man will see to it that people remember that they were lead to Jesus by such superstar.
Stardom is leading men to Jesus. Be a star "of Jesus” and you will get more than an Oscar in heaven in front of a cloud of witnesses from all generations.


Become a star like the Southern Cross that it still leads travelers on they journey.
Stars are to be seen and not to be heard. May the Lord raise a star to lead you to Jesus so you can present your gifts to the Son of God who so loved you.
No need of Gold for Mary and Joseph to babysit Jesus.
The gift that God welcomes is you and your return to him "Just as I am without one plea, oh Lamb of God I come."
Come to the Light of the world. Come!

As my beloved prayer partner says to me, I say to you my beloved. "God is crazy about you."


Gerry Gutierrez

PS Think Tank! Think Jesus!