Gerry Gutierrez' Update

Let us forget for a minute our partisan differences and allow our hearts to be touched by these two First Ladies.

Gerry Gutierrez


The most memorable moment from the trip in Israel of President Trump and the First Lady was probably that moment at the entrance to the house of President Rivlin.


"Nechama Rivlin, President Rivlin’s wife, welcomed the First Lady Melania Trump at the door. As they were about to walk inside, Nechama whispered to Melania that she will do her best to catch up with the walking pace, but she might be a bit slower because of her medical condition which requires her to use an oxygen tank. Melania took her hand, looked at her and said: “We’ll walk at any pace you choose”.


And so they walked, slowly, gracefully and proudly, hand in hand.


That, is the moment I choose to cherish. That silent gesture has neither any political significance nor any colorful tone to it, but it is everything.

It is the hope we yearn for when we speak of peace;

It is the kindness we wish to protect when we speak of defeating terror;

It is the dignity we want to teach when we speak of stopping hate;

It is the friendship we pray for when we speak of our unbreakable bond;

In other words, this gesture encompasses everything that is good, kind and human."


- George Deek

from The Jewish Standard