Gerry Gutierrez' Update

“The Secret Service of God is for his eyes only”.


"Then your father who sees what is done in secret will reward you". Matt.6: 1-4.

"This is the story of “wanted people”, bounty hunters and rewards."

Wealth has two sources and two sources only. It is either from the hand of God his purposes to fulfill as the reward of your Secret Service to him in your heart. Or wealth is from the hands of other men that act as the middleman of Mammon the enemy of God. Mammon pays handsome amounts of money to the bounty hunter of souls like Judas who sold Jesus and his soul for the equivalent of thirty silver coins, which was the market value of the soul at that time before the resurrection. After the resurrection the price of the soul skyrocketed to large amounts of money that the Roman soldiers were paid to keep silent about the resurrection. 

When we arrive into the world, we arrive naked. When we leave the world we also leave naked. There is nothing that goes through the customs of heaven or hell not even a tattoo. All we have to do in order to get wealthy is to sell our soul to the bounty hunters of heaven or hell.

Throughout life men like bodybuilders pump iron and build muscles or chose the narrow path of godliness to later auction themself as slaves or gladiators to best betters of heaven and earth.

Let's not ignore women less they feel discriminated. Until recent years I did not notice the gigantic beauty industry and name brand products such as Sephora, Sally, Mary Kay L'Oreal, Tiffany, Coco Chanel, Victoria Secret, Cindy Crawford beauty products and countless of all kinds of names that were in front of me, but I was as good as blind man to their existence.

The arena of the female gladiators are the fashion shows the beauty pageants with their well rehearsed walk and attitude all the way to the crown of Miss Universe, Miss World or Miss USA, on the one hand, or the path of the secret servant woman of noble character on the other hand. Neither man nor woman of wealth and virtue are mutually exclusive. The beautiful Queen Esther and the wealthy handsome king David were blessed with great wealth that came from the hand of God. Money is not evil; it is the love of money that is evil.


Sooner than desired, men and women realize that muscles, beauty, health and strength are seasonal merchandises soon to be gone and never to return.

When youth, beauty and strength are gone; what is left to sell, but the soul? The precious priceless soul as the only possession that make out of every man and woman of every generation a “wanted person” with a price on their heads. 


Open season is declared year around over the aging Buck and Doe. Angels and demons from the Spiritual realm like bounty hunters or Indians are truly in a dog fight for the scalp of the souls of the simple open-minded. 


The godly and the corrupt are like “Life Guards or Mermaids” at the beach. The wicked mermaids are texting the message to the simple-minded souls at the seashore of life, to tilt the scale of their simplistic minds to come deeper, “come to me to the boundless unrestricted freedom”. While the Life Guard is also texting messages saying, “stay near the shore in the safety of my view so I can help you in you time of need and danger”.

Neither voice has the power to keep the listener at shore or drag the listener far from the shore deep into the ocean. Just as Satan did not have the power to push Jesus from the pinnacle of the temple when tempting him, so there are rules established by higher power and authority. The nature of temptation is suggestion, “Cast yourself down”. It is up to who you choose to listen and obey that will determine your destiny and rewards.

It is in the closet of the inner chambers of the heart of man where the deal making takes place. It is in that secret place where a man surrenders in Secret Service and full Loyalty to God. That is where man bows down before God and places the feet of Jesus over his own neck in Secret Service. It is that secret act that God the Father notices and rewards in full with eternal life and blessings.


But to him who refuses to surrender his soul to Jesus and prefers the praises of men above the praise of God, the praise of man he will receive and nothing more. Praise sought on the basis of his muscles and beauty health and strength. 

But you, my friend are of the Secret Service of God. To him who serves God in secret, God will reward him with Life and Life Eternal through Jesus who bites the bullet meant for you. Dear Lord Jesus, what a savior, what a friend, and what a king you are.


This is the testimony of a witness of Jesus to the praise of his name.


Gerry Gutierrez