Gerry Gutierrez' Update

To the Coe Family and our friends.

Doug Coe, the interpreter of Jesus


On Tuesday the 21st of February 2017, as the night was falling over Washington DC, Doug Coe, like a silent hunter, paddled the canoe of his life toward the sunset on the way to his eternal home with Jesus. 

This extraordinary witness of Jesus testified even at death as the interpreter of Jesus to us all, his family and friends. Doug hardly left behind a trace in the water as not to call attention, like many times in life he would sneak out from the Cedars to the basement of the Carriage for little breaks.

I never remembered Doug not working hard, "The works of God". He would only stop a little to eat "tuna fish sandwich" lunch at the Cedars.

I knew that he was willfully working himself to death and at the same time he was having so much fun.

He spoke about Jesus, Paul, Abraham, Moses, Barnabas, Silvanus, Timothy, Titus, Silas, Peter, James and John, Wilberforce, Oswald Chambers, Billy Graham as friends of the same play pen and would fine delight knowing that "to pray and play" was the way of God as in the Garden at the cool of the day.

Doug ran his race with joy and arrived to the finish line with the same serenity as he lived life daily.

Humility for Doug was not an adjective to be pursued, but
a noun to be exhibited in the most natural way in a world of duplicity.

Doug was a leader by nature but a follower by vocation.
Doug made easy to follow just by being like Jesus, committed to the end.
If there were a man among us, who could pray the following prayer of the Jesus, in clean conscience;
"Father from those you give me, I did not lose any except the traitor", that man was Doug.

I interpreted for Doug before men great and small in three different languages for almost thirty years at home or overseas.

Doug never lost an opportunity to lift the name of Jesus. Doug taught by word and deed the revolutionary
teaching of Jesus who said; "If you lift me up, I will draw all men unto my self".

If Doug could hear and see us now, there is no doubt he would smile with his generous smile and say something like this, "They got it!" or “They bought it”.

I stand before you as a witness of Doug, who interpreted the mind of God revealed in Jesus to us all in a fresh and attractive way. 

No matter how tired Dough was, but when the name of Jesus visited his lips, he would beam like a light and I could see how the invisible hands had carved on his face godliness and character. That is the way that Doug would make the unseen God, visible, just being a man of integrity.

It was hard not to recognize the voice of Jesus when Doug was speaking.

Doug would be the first to admit that he was not a theologian or anything like that; I thank the Lord for it, because I would find it hard to go to war with a theologian but with Doug I would go any time and anywhere.

I remember taking Doug to the top of Andes Mountains of Peru, above the timberline; to visit some terrorist infested tribes.
We stopped to contemplate our own Grand Cannon. The river at the bottom of the mountains looked like a skinny snake.

As only Doug in his typical child likeness he called me aside and plea with me, "I have always wanted to push a big rock down a high mountain like this, do you think we can push that big rock down?

I was tempted to say no by acting responsibly and consistent with the authority he was granting me.
I knew he would accept my decision as final and would not push any farther, because that is the way Doug was.

But the child within me, gladly yield and we pushed the rock together. To our disappointment the rock stop only inches from the edge.

We look at each other puzzled, but determined to succeed and risk our lives like "sophomores". I volunteered to go down the slope and Doug would hold me for dear life as I kick the rock down the cliff.

If Doug would let me go, it would take about a minute to hit the bottom of the mountain, but if I slipped I would take Doug with me.

The rock yield and Doug pull me out so we could contemplate together the rock hitting other rocks and splitting in half and pushing other Rocks on and on causing a small avalanche. You should have seen our faces.

The honorable Doug Coe named by the media as "The most important and most dangerous man of the planet" and Gerry Gutierrez, the Philosophy and Psychology and Theology professor and former Communist Revolutionary. Together we were honoring our nicknames by terrorizing to say the least some wild rabbits and pumas.

One hour later you should see us acting so maturely with the Quechua Indian chiefs as Doug always would
call people "Your honor" here and "Your honor" there. I was having hard times trying to translate the words “Your Honor” because there is no such an expression in the Quechua Inca language.

 Now that I think it over, how in the world did I take the most powerful man of the world to a den of Lions and came out unscratched from so many blood stained hands.

Fast forward and imagine us one year later in Washington DC Doug and I in the National Prayer Breakfast in a big room full of foreign dignitaries, some Ambassadors, Prime Ministers, Senators, Congressmen formally dressed. There was a foreign visitor just sharing some of his insightful observations of the National Prayer Breakfast.

I am sure you can imagine Doug with his right elbow resting in his left hand in front of his chest and his hand right hand offering arrest for his chin. I was full of it, that night. I am next to Doug and lean toward him and Doug cordially meet me have way to hear what I was about to say, I ask him; “Do you still love me”? Everybody's eyes discreetly turn toward us, as Doug without losing a heartbeat he turns around and he whispers to my ears “I adore you”. I just nodded my head as if we just exchange something "classified " at that present time.

I hope with a little bit more time I can declassified 30 years of knowing Doug and having so much fun and coming to the point willfully deciding working myself to death as Doug did by lifting Jesus' name and sharing the mind of God and Prayer as stated in the Lord's Prayer. Prayer has become to me my constitution, my confession of Faith, my pledge of allegiance, my National Anthem, My catechism, My Philosophy, my Ideology, my Language, my Doctrine, my Policy, my Vocabulary.

The National Prayer Breakfast is a worldwide movement.
But prayer is the essence of this movement. It took me seventy years to discover that prayer is it and everything else is part of it.

Like Doug with Discipleship and small groups walking in Covenantal relationship to change the world, and Albert Einstein with his E=Mc2; I expect to present to you, Prayer as the means to accelerate the return of the Lord Jesus by using the equation of F=PW2. Jesus is longing to return.

“The kingdom of God is not a matter of words, but of power”
Power rests in Prayer under the conditions stated by Jesus.

“Whenever two or three gathered together in my name, I am in their midst and if they agreed together according to my will in anything it will be done to them.

Nothing is impossible for him who believes.
Just as it is impossible to understand the word existence, unless we keep together Time, Space, Matter and Movement, it is equally impossible to understand Prayer without Faith, the Will of God and Word of God.

Faith is equal to Prayer under the Will and Word of God.

F=PW2. Again, this means that Faith is equal to Prayer under the Will of God as stated in the Word of God.

If any of the four elements are missing, it is impossible to have prayers answered.

Faith is taking Jesus at his word. Prayer is agreeing with God. Will is the will of God that prevails always and Word of God is the standard of faith and practice.

Therefore, Faith is equal to prayer under the will and the word of God bringing men into alignment with God and having all things a prayer away. That is the power of prayer for which the National Prayer Breakfast exists, for which Doug gave his life and I am willing to give my life and if you too are willing to give your life and we pray together “Your kingdom come”, we may be known as the generation in whose time the Lord Jesus returned. Doug has lightened the prairie, lest us fan into flame as modern arsonist of Jesus until only Jesus will put out the fire by his return.

Gerry Gutierrez or

Joseph Steven (war name).

“Rejoice always, pray without ceasing, give thanks in all circumstances. For this is the will of God for you in Christ Jesus” 1 Thessalonians 5: 16 to 18. This is the will of God for you and me.

This Book on Prayer has been sitting for four years.
Please pray that it sees the light of day soon this year.