Gerry Gutierrez' Update

To Kelly Ann Gutierrez, a lover of Jesus,

and my daughter in law.

March 23, 2017 Georgia

Dear Kelly,

Keep me in your prayers today as I am going to Louisville to try to meet President Trump to see if I can request help for Peru that is suffering the tragedy of so much rain that 135 bridges have been destroyed.

I will share with you later how it is to sit in the front seat of "God's doings" as God the sovereign actor of our lives and our world acts through us and glorifies himself more in our weakness that in our strengths and talents,

Love as ever and forever.


Dear Dad,

How was your time Dad?
Were you able to share your concern for Peru and ask for aid? Many people who were praying at my school have asked if there was any update. Were you able to meet Trump or any of the advisors?

Thank you Dad for serving His kingdom!



Dear Kelly,

What an honor it is for me to know that I have been the object of your prayers and that of your students and friends.
It is only right and proper to report of how our Lord has answer your prayers on the matter in question.
I will make this letter also for many of my friends who have been praying and asking the same question.


Dear Kelly,

Louisville is further that my godly driver friend and I thought. We departed a half hour later that planed and we arrived half-hour later than we expected.
We were welcome by a mile long line of people in front of us.
We managed to "cut corners" and did not find the registration desk but were able to “filter” us to the VIP section by “the skin of our teeth” and even had a short TV interview perhaps due to my Texas Cowboy hat or my minority looks.

There was a group of people well dressed made out of State leaders and judges lawyers and governors that spoke and others were acknowledge, such as Senator Mitch McConnell, the GOP majority leader and many others. No one was able to even shake hands when President Trump. He arrived, spoke and was rush back to the Air Force One. So there was no personal contact with the president at this time.

I seem to notice the President "like my Texan Stetson Beaver Hat". I decided to give him my hat as a gift with a note inside the hat, but a photographer next to me knocked down the hat from my hands to the ground. By the time the secret service agent pick it up and brought it back to me the others secret service agents were already blocking my access to the President.

If misery love companion, here it is " No one was able to have a personal exchange with President Trump" out of a packed arena of more than sixteen thousand people. It was ok with me.

At the end of the day after driving over ten hours I was seven pigs richer in my project to get twelve to twenty four pigs for the flush flood victims lady who has lost all her pigs and pig farm in Peru.
I also received a promise of someone in high places who loves me and believes in me that in due time a word will be put in the President’s ears on my behalf as the opportunity arises.

I also got that day two pigs from another a friend in high place.

Perhaps the most marvelous answer to your prayer is that in the ten hours of driving together and fellowship I may have found in my friend a partner in prayer that I have been looking forward since my Ruthie died. A hard but noble task that my friend may be considering even at this time. All I know is that it will cost him ALL that he is.

There is a vacancy for whosoever reads this letter is called to respond to my appeal.

Prayer as I have come to believe and understand for my personal life and needs is worth my live because it has furnished for me an existence free from questions and exceeding peace and joy and longing for heaven as never before.

But collective prayer, that lead to the common good, has become a near to impossible task to attain.
The minimum quorum required by Jesus as condition for answer to prayer is the unity and agreement of two or three. Only among those who gather together in agreement with Jesus according his will as stated in scripture is where Jesus is and his sole presence taken in a child like faith is the guarantee of answer to prayer.

It is not in the “godliness” of prayer, or the frequency of prayer, or the length of prayer, or the eloquence of prayer where the secret of prayer rests. The secret of prayer is in the unity and agreement carefully considered before praying according God's will.

The searching of the heart individually must be followed by the collectively testing of the matter of prayer, whether if it is the will of God what we are about to pray. That is where the strength of the power of prayer rests.
Once two or three or more reach unity in the spirit and agreement that puts them in alignment with God, then "Business with God can take as long as seconds or minutes according the case may be", but length of prayer is less important than the struggle to reach the spirit of unity with God's mind in Jesus and with one another in Jesus.

This discipline along gives the prayer warrior the right to pray in the "Name of Jesus".

But prayer that does not obey the minimum requirement of Jesus of unity and agreement according God's will is "anything" but prayer.
What has been affirmed in no way should be called "advocating for a politically correct prayer" and be forgotten as an act of a Pharisees.

The proof is in the "pudding". A radical affirmation such as this should be tested if the man is willing to put his money where his mouth is. Respectfully I challenge anyone to, not only to put my money where my mouth is, but also to put my life where my mouth is. If prayer is done in the conditions of Jesus as stated above and faithfully executed in a childlike manner and man enters into ailment with God and prays and there is no result; then I am willing to give the first stone to them who believe other wise and proves the contrary to stone me to death.

To make it just, I ask the willingness of any opposing view to grant me the same right.
It is time to heed the words of "The Queen of the Land of the Free and the home of the Brave" Mrs. Trump, when she led us saying,
"Let us pray".
The people of God must say: Yes!!!

For until we say, "Blessed is the one who comes in the name of the Lord" Jesus will not return. Until we say with all our hearts " Your Kingdom come", Jesus will not come. Let us pray “The Lord's Prayer”, and mean it.
Another letter will follow this letter and it will be titled "Yes" in honor to our First Lady, Melania Trump who summoned us, to "We the people" to pray.

Love as ever and forever.


Gerry Gutierrez

PS Attached you shall find some pictures of me and President Trump that Nathaniel found in the TV News. I am is the Lower right hand corner one with my cowboy hat and the other as I just lost the hat trying to hand it over to hi