Gerry Gutierrez' Update

Between the powerful and powerless,

a man in the gap.

March 25, 17. GA.

I was recently invited to a great meeting and I took a seat of honor for my fellow guest and me. Even though I did not have the yellow wristband as evidence of proper VIP registration, we took the seat of honor on the basis of word given by those who invited me and not on the basis of credentials.

In the same way I conduct myself in life, not on the basis of man-made credentials but on the basis of the word of the CEO of the universe, who tells me that I am his child, so I conduct myself as the child of the king and I behave myself with the frame of mind that "This is my father's world".
 Do not let me forget, though some do their best to make me forget saying things such as, "Who do you think you are".

On the way to this great meeting my mind was busy in meeting the most powerful man of our planet, but my heart was with the weakest women on earth I saw in the news who barely escaped with her life from a flash flood in Peru. Her name is Evangelina Chamorro; she is the wife of a pig farmer, mother of two little girls.

The flash flood took her house and her pig farm and everything she had.
In the news we can appreciate the violent flash flood carrying everything on its way and a woman emerging from the middle of the chocolate color water and debris. A figure of a woman emerging from the dirty waters as if resurrecting from the dead is very impressive.

My first reaction seeing the tragedy of my people was "There I go but by the grace of God". I instantly knew that I had to help that woman, no matter what.
 My sources tell me that at the hospital where she was takenl; Evangelina was more concerned with the lost of her pigs than with her bruises and wounds.

As she was being carried out by the powerful river and swallowing great amounts of muddy water, she remembers praying, "Dear God, give me strength".
It was then that as an answer to her prayers her head popped out of the water and was able to hold a piece of wood and worked herself to the shore.

Now, let me share with you the beautiful heart of Evangelina that hides behind her dirty muddy body, you will appreciate it in the attached link. [in Spanish]

The authorities of her town went in a campaign to rescue all the animals and pets that were carried by the flash flood. Evangelina was called from the hospital to see if she could recognize her some of her animals.
She only found one pregnant pig and a small piglet. The authorities insisted that she should take the other pigs also. But Evangelina refused to take them saying that those were not hers and other people must be looking for them.

 Like a traffic cop that overrules the traffic light, so the authorities have the power to overrule the normal law and grant at will justice as they see fit in times of crisis.

I suspect that Evangelina must be a believer in Jesus. She does not live by the worldly proverb of "Finders keepers and losers weepers. "Instead she lives by the Leviticus law, which teaches, "It is the responsibility of the finder to look for the loser". I am sure you can imagine my joy as I plan to go to Peru soon to help this beautiful heart lady. So far I have already eight pigs of twelve, which I plan to deliver it to her when I go. I will also be conducting training meetings for leaders and speaking in radio in the Andes Mountains.

There are thousands of similar circumstances all over Peru. So if anyone is asking how could the help to one small family make any difference in a national tragedy? Not much at all, next to nothing I suppose, but to this little family it will make all the difference in the world. It is from the Lord, because she prayed to the Lord and the Lord prompted me to be his reaching arms, his mouthpiece and his calming voice.

Long time ago someone said, "Think globally and then act locally". I can do that, I am doing that, and I hope to do that to the end.

The doors of initiatives to come to Peru with me are open.

One day I will also have access to the Kings ears will hears. I already know my own Queen Esther and uncle Mordecai to help me with the big picture.

 This story has just begun. I believe in prayer and the power of prayer. Let us remember the example of the Samaritan who helped out of his own means, the man who was left by the side of the road beat up by robbers half dead.

Forty-five years ago I was also drowning in violence, blasphemy, ignorance and unbelief; swallowing the dirty muddy of unbelief, of an atheistic philosophy away from God and left by the side of the road half dead.

A couple from California, Good Samaritans, I have never met to this day, heard of me. To this day I only know their name: Clade and Virginia Cook. When they learned of me and saw my head popped out from the mud and mire of the world; they said to a friend of mine "The Lord has put in our hearts to help Gerry. We would like help him to go to College and we will pay all his expenses with one proviso, we would not want to meet Gerry for him to thank us but he may just thank the Lord Jesus. Oh how much I have wanted to meet the Cooks or their descendants to bless them.

Gerry Gutierrez

"He who gives to the poor, lends to the Lord". Please pray.