Gerry Gutierrez' Update

"A title or a degree does not make you what you are".

“Jesus did not have titles or degrees or business cards”.

General Howard Graves the Director of West point, before he was called General, he was just a man named Howard. The uniform did not made out of a uniform a General; it was the man the wearer the uniform of a General.

Abraham, Moses, Jesus and Paul are referred on first name basis by the young and the old throughout generations. It would sound ridiculous to start calling now to Abraham as the Honorable Abraham or his Excellency the prince Moses or his Holiness Jesus or the Reverend Paul.


No one calls a giant "Tall", neither one calls a horse "animal" nor anyone calls a midget "small" or to the dead “lifeless”. There is just no need to say in the predicate, that which is already in the subject. That is called Tautology.
That is also commonly known as overkilling or redundancy or oxymoron.
Because giants are "tall", horses are "animals", midgets are "small" and the dead are “lifeless”. They cannot be any other thing but what the subject has already described and defined to be.

Luke wrote an account in the chapter 22 verse 63 to 65 the following: " The men who were guarding Jesus begun mocking and beating him. They blind folded him and demanded, "Prophesy", "Who hit you"? And they said many other insulting things to him.

Soccer players use chin guards. Boxers use teeth guards. Welders use eye guards to protect themselves.

"A guard is to protect"


In this account some men who were titled "guards" began mocking and beating Jesus. This is a clear example that a title or a degree or even a uniform does not make a man what he pretends to be and is not.


When the subject and the predicate are not one and the same thing, you do not even have Tautology. When the subject is not clearer in the predicate, you do not even have a phrase let alone a sentence.


When you are left with only a verb among men it’s not enough to communicate.
Without a verb, sentence does not exist because nothing makes sense for the senses without a verb.

But in the God head there is no need of the senses to make sense, the verb is adequately enough to express God, for he alone "IS" the Verb and there is no other subject apart of him or predicate beside him to help explain him.


Neither is there the need to communicate anything to anyone because before the beginning there was already the verb and the verb was with God and the verb was God. God did not need to reveal to himself anything. It is for the sake of men the verb is indispensable; there is no revelation or communication in the mind or on the sensible reality without the verb.

 And the verb became flesh and dwelled among us and in him we saw the glory of God as the only begotten not created, but begotten of God.

It is to the verb of God made flesh that these men titled guards mock and beat up who to me were not much of a man, neither were they guardians as their title describe them.  Noticed that before beating him up they blindfold him. They were true cowards that could not even look at Jesus in the eye and face to face before starting to abuse. The abusers need to blindfold as the rapists uses drugs to put his victims to sleep and violate that which is holy to the victim.

After much abuse it came the shameless beating on his beautiful face that bare the very image of the living and loving God who so loved them.


They demanded, "Prophesy" as the evidence of their love if it is really love.

Ah! Behold the real reason that would eventually be their condemnation.
These men called the guards of justice were "unturned cakes" half baked to almost burn on the one side but uncooked on the other side. They confessed to be religious by their demand from Jesus for "Prophecy" as evidence of deity.

Obviously Moses and the Law and the prophets and even the teachings of Jesus were not enough for them to surrender to Jesus. They pursued signs and wonders as all wicked generation do instead of taking Jesus at his word and trust him in a child like manner.

They had in front of them the kingdom of God standing handcuffed in a cold night being beaten and they fail to recognize God in Jesus due to his humility and meekness. On the contrary, like sexual predator who demand the one line demand from a lovely innocent lover: "If you love me, prove it to me".

"Just tell me, who hit you?" (It will be enough for us?)
Just as a simple test, as a question to a man with x-ray vision to say what is behind a cardboard wall.

Yet it was not that simple. The truth aim of Satan and his followers pursued was the obedience of Jesus.  That would have given Satan the worship that he so want and he willing to give up all the earth in exchange of what is of God alone.


Their aim was to have Jesus renounce the cross and achieve conversion by miracles without cross. Evidentialist at it is purest form, which is renunciation of faith for the good works of evidence without cross.


They demanded prophecy and prophecy was delivered to them by the deafening silence that converts the world. “When he was travail, he travailed not.” The time to speak is over. Words stepped aside to give room to deed, the deed of Jonah.


Jesus endured the slaps on his face as the “show and tell” of Prophecy. What he already told them in the temple when the word was read and were informed about prophesy but not yet believe.

Instead they chose to be loyal to their religious leaders, who like the blind who lead the blind did not make the invisible God visible. Thus they fail to recognize the True Prophet of God and fell in the unforgivable sin of unbelief.

The prophetical word of God has been spoken and the Canon has been closed. There was no need to add prophecy as if God did not already spoken all that men need to hear, know and respond. True Prophecy is not to add words or deed as if the Perfect God missed something and we are helping him to complete his work.


If they did not believe Moses, the law and the prophets, they will not believe in the gospel either, even if someone would return from the dead.


Yet Prophecy they demanded from Jesus and prophecy will Jesus deliver to them in his terms. The sign of the prophet Jonah, who was three days and three nights in the belly of a fish and on the third day he was risen from the dead. 


The mouth of Jesus stops teaching prophecy by words. The time had come for that “show and tell” to consume its lesson. What love, grace and reason did not find room in their minds and hearts, Jesus by suffering silently undergo abuse unto death as prophesied to conquer their hearts. Nevertheless their abuse continues until death.  


Even death for some it's not enough; they still keep talking trash about Jesus. Titles are left behind on earth where so proudly men display in their offices behind their burgundy lather chair as where they talk to people easily reclining backward as they let drip like precious honey their words of “wisdom”.


What passes the customs of heaven in only you name and that because it is already written in the book of life where no one can erase it and you alone can answer when the roll is called be yonder. Let no title stand between the messages and the messenger but his or her name.

Let the foolishness of the Gospel do its work in fear and trembling in nothingness.
Jesus is his name. There is power in the name, not in the title.
Jesus, Jesus, Jesus only Jesus.

It sure feels good to say it again and again the sweetest name on heaven and earth. 


His witness.

Gerry Gutierrez