Gerry Gutierrez' Update

Is a Coup d’état a valid option?


“A coup d’état is not an innocent act of disagreement.” “A ‘coup d’état’ is a calculated act in cold blood by a premeditated small group that suddenly and decisively exercises by force the overthrow or alter the existing government. In light of the existing law of the land, a Coup d’état it is to be considered illegal. 


As any controversial behavior of the human race, in order to properly understand ‘coup d’état,’ we must go back to the bedrock of Genesis. A coup is older than creation as we know it, and it is older than history as we know it. A coup is a tail of a worm pretending to be the head. Even though the illustration is too generous because it grants the tail oneness with the head and thus dignifies the worthless with the worthy. Let us try to explain this modern word using the Serpent and Eve in the Garden and all the way back to Lucifer who attempted a coup against God and failing as it should be and is between the legal and the illegal. 


Angels and demons are spiritual beings created also by God in a set number without the capacity to procreate, who are alive, but have no LIFE of their own or marry or give themselves to marriage to form families of their own or form a legal kingdom of their own. 


On the other hand, people are the only creatures who were created by God to live and to have LIFE and therefore procreate and have children at the command of God to fill the earth with a minimum effort and rewarded for his obedience with a great pleasure of in the flesh. 


It was so in the beginning while God’s “no” was “no” and man’s “yes” was “yes.” That was the language of the land in the Garden at the cool of the day, every day. Back in the Garden at the cool of the day where laughter was Queen and no one paid the cost of laughter because of innocence and absence of malice, making all things fun and no one was demeaned or felt offended. 


Adam and Eve must have learned to speak by repeating after God words, such as “Hippopotamus,” and Adam laughed at the mispronunciation of Eve and since he had the authority to name the plants and animals, he invented a short word such as “Hippo” for Eve’s sake. Eve loved flowers and suggested Adam to name a flower “Chrysanthemum,” but when Adam could not spell the word Eve had so much fun with laughter every time they got into spelling-bee contests. 


God was so pleased and gladly joined them for tea at the cool of the day. It wasn’t until one hot day at noon she went to a place in the middle of the Garden known by her as the only place where a great beautiful tree stood tall and visible with attractive fruit and long branches shaped like an umbrella with inviting shadows. 


She must have look at the tree like my friends Luis look at girls on February during carnivals saying, “There is no crime just looking even to the daughter of the Pharaoh of Egypt.” The only problem is that by November a baby was born after eloping on the month of May before the pregnancy became visible in the “daughter of Pharaoh.


In the same way Eve must have thought I will just enjoy the shade and look at it a little closer, yes, just look that beautiful and desirable fruit. “JUST ONE LOOK,” but that is all it took. 


Shortly after someone joined Eve. A talking animal so crafty that looked inoffensive, in fact harmless without arms to harm and no claw to fear, no horns to be gored, no thorns like porcupine and without the unpleasant smell of a skunk, without the paralyzing roar of a lion, no fist to discharge blows or slap, no feet to inflict pain by kicking, but a soft-talking, seemingly friendly crafty animal. 


A snake in the grass, able to climb the tree effortlessly and invitingly equipped with speech, poisonous speech that comes from his wicked heart. This talking animal that spoke deviously half-truths must have impressed Eve. 


The snake was not in an all-war against Eve, nor was his every word a horrible self-evident and repugnant curse as to scare and cause Eve to run to her husband to the safe spot in the garden where she loved the daily sweet fellowship with God and her husband. 


This snake who was previously a beautiful angel in heaven was the very inventor of Coup d’états, he was the father of lies and a declared enemy of God in his heart with experience in propagating false accusation and master in persuading with fake arguments to naïve angels predispose to hear other voices than only God’s voice, was also the father of Gossip that separates friends that was no match for curious and naive Eve.


Eve, who was use to the security and sincerity of the Garden at the cool of the day, underestimated the Serpent’s craftiness. She ignore that being alone in the wrong place as a lonely women away from husband and God was risky. But she took he chances and did not run in fear but hear long enough to stay a little longer to hear this old Knocker-of-door to engage in a conversation and defended God of “what God did not say”. The well known advise of our time “not to talk to estrangers” came too late for Eve.


Like a fish who goes after a juice wiggling worm, Eve also like the naïve angels took the bait, hook, line and sinker by listening to the deceiver and come to doubt the word of God which until then it was so near and dear to her heart. Doubt is followed by belief that comes from hearing, as surely as dog begets dog. 


Thus the deceiver of angels in a previous attempt to try to “Coup d’état” in heaven, once again persuade a soul to seek a “coup” and control her destiny, the destiny of her husband and our destiny, because we all were in Adam’s loins and together with him have fallen in the just curse of God to Hell reserved for the Fallen Angel and their followers in that grievous coup. 


Since then the evidence of evil in men’s heart is manifested in his desired to seek independence from God and the craving to control his own life, the life of others and the endless want to control his circumstances. It should be noted that dependence from God and surrender all to his sovereign control is the only antidote against sin and alienation from God.


Let us also add a note to the figure of speech of a tail pretending to be a head. A tail is where generally the organs of dead are placed that now pretends to replace an organ of life and achieving systemically legitimacy where the sons of Lot still dwells, having lost its saltiness, blinded by the power of their darkness and having preferred the plains of Sodom and Gomorra in selfishness.


Coup D’états are not the monopoly of underdeveloped countries and power thirsty caudillos. Coups are as old as pre-history and they truly come from the pits of Hell and smell as sulfur. And what is worse is that it has found fresh follower in our present generation and there is no antidote unless we go back to the Garden at the cool of the day and hear Jesus and him only and settle for the meaning of life as the activity to lift his name because he said, “If I am lifted up I will draw man unto myself.”


If proper definition of sin is the desire of independence from God; then it is like divorce that starts in the heart by hearing others voices than Jesus’ and seeking independence from a word given and agreements made, regardless of its consequences.


Villains and heroes are confused for a time in societies in transition or in unrest. But God will make the light of the righteousness to shine, as the noonday sun whether is a husband or governor. This is God’s world and his will is bound to prevail as light prevails over darkness. 


The evidence of the chosen man of God to bring about change in the world is in the favor of God over men of goodwill. God participates in his life and ministry by defending and fighting his battles and not allowing the sword of his enemies to prosper and those who comes against his anointed will fall in front of them. Because He who comes against God’s elect will do so without God. No harm will come near those of God that he is not nearer as a shield.


Beware of coup d’état.  Jesus warned, “Be careful of the yeast of the Pharisees.” It starts with the lost of eye contact fallowed by a fake body language and with poisonous tongue with plenty of sugar that deviously seeks to sow doubts and divide with fake claims. Be careful of what you hear and come to believe; faith of the right and wrong kinds comes from hearing God and his servants or the serpent and his followers respectively. Prayer and fasting is the victory that overcomes the World.


Gerry Gutierrez
Georgia, January 1, 2018.


PS. Let us be Joyfully satisfied without need of a Coup d’état praying always and thanking God in all our circumstance and trusting in his sovereignty for that is the will of God the Father in Christ Jesus our Lord to the glory of his name and the blessing of many and our own good. I will diligently pray for you who are in my praying list that our Lord rewards you fellowship with him by faith in prayer to putting all things a prayer away. Just believe in a child manner and act accordingly. Let me bless you, Toddler of Jesus.